Your New Maverick Will Have To Wait

Ford Has Officially Run Out of Maverick Pickups

But the Big 3 told is for years they didnt make compact pickups because the public didn’t want them :joy:.

The hybrid Maverick is a good unibody truck. Hopefully they can make enough to meet demand in 2022.

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I have a coworker (we work at Ford) who ordered his hybrid MAverick in July and it still has yet to be scheduled for build!

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Did not need my crystal ball :crystal_ball: when I said


Its not a bad looking truck and I would be curious to drive one. I think Ford definitely did it “right’” by offering it at that price point.

I’ve seen a couple in-person. They’re nice looking small trucks. Good for more urban dwellers that might like the utility of a small bed occasionally. Not a surprise to see them selling well.

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Well, how do you think ford would make money hand over fist selling compact pickups with much smaller profit margins than fully loaded F150 Steel Toe Full Bear Beer edition trucks for 75k?


“King Ranch Dressing ‘Pull Your Boat and Pay for Mine’” Edition


And most the buyers of those higher model Ford pickups pay cash too.

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December is “Section 179 Month (observed)” in many parts of the US


That and construction end of year holiday parties, and bonus checks


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Why be humble when you can have the

You don’t need a weatherman to look outside and see the weather

The AWD Maverick is NOT hybrid.

Trying to get one in stock, by end of the year, not lease but straight buy out, any suggestions if anyone was in the same boat CA or OR states ideally

You have 4 days, why rush?

Most of what I see as “inventory” is in in-transit, you have to sift through it all and reach out.

West Covina allegedly has 2 (MSRP + add-ons)

Encinitas allegedly has 2 at $5k bump over MSRP

Walnut Creek is only selling to locals

Cameback in Phoenix has 1 at $5k over MSRP

I’ve seen some Lauriets at $10k bump over msrp (check NM)

I know this site is often a resource to help others find deals - there are no deals on Mavericks and you’re currently fighting for the same inventory. Good luck.

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@jeisensc I have a long shot but have a credit card that I can get 40% back up to 15k spend so if I can buy and put up to 15k on a amex credit card, I have until end of the year.

I qualify for walnut creek area, and my brother had a shot at one for their light silver and he didnt jump since its their only ugly color in our opinion.

Yeah understand and not really looking for deals but atleast something for MSRP, also anything in OR, since I can get tax free there?

Start looking and let us know

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@jeisensc yeah the been looking the whole day, so far the calls to the dealers are not promising there. But worth it because even on reddit users that have orders in are posting finding great local options. So inventory does happen…

Thanks again your comment was very helpful. Happy upcoming New Year!