Yet Another 2020 XC90 Thread

Yep - its how Volvo allows the dealer to allocate the funds.

Not on any of the main car-finding websites (AutoTrader, CarGurus, etc.) to my knowledge.

However, the dealer websites have an icon that says “Demo/Loaner” on them indicating that a certain car is a loaner. You can just send them an email with a couple stock numbers and ask them which ones are they actually selling.

So is it up to the dealer to apply to any VIN they want to move? And the amounts also ($3k or $4K, for example)?

Some dealers have special stock numbers that identify loaners that you can search by the oldest.

Thanks for the clarification on the loaner cash, I have to assume that’s why the discount is so strong out of the gate. Inquired about the MF today so we’ll see what happens and go from there. Will update the post when I hear back.

So heard back from the dealer. Looks like they marked up the MF .0005 “which is usually what we do for our initial lease offer calculations.”

Also, regarding the $399 protection plan and $799 admin fee:

“The dealer admin fee is a non-negotiable fee that is for the use of all of the processing and admin for DMV and all paperwork associated with the deal. As employees we pay it as well. The protection package we place on all vehicles and includes tint and door edge guards.”

So here is the calculator link with the original pre-incentive discount offered (16.4%) and base MF with 10 MSDs. Comes out to approximately $410 monthly including tax with first month, fees, and MSDs DAS:


  1. Should I counter with a request for more pre-incentive discount AND base MF? My plan initially was just to request base MF. Seems from my research here, 16.5% pre-incentive is pretty good for a XC90 loaner so I don’t want to push it. I guess it can’t hurt to ask…
  2. Should I push back on the fees mentioned above? I feel like if he goes to base MF AND offers a bit more pre-incentive discount, there’s no point in arguing the fees as the money is just moving around the deal.

Thanks again for all the info along the way, look forward to closing this deal if we can get the numbers right!

I doubt you’re going to get anywhere with the dealer doc fee. The tint and edge guard is bs, but whatever. Factor that in, and you’re basically at 15.5% pre-incentive. I think if you get them to adjust to buy rate mf, you’re not in bad shape given the current circumstances.

With all that said, if you pull out the mileage penalty and the fact that you won’t qualify for the $500 bonus drive post sale rebate, you’d need 13% pre-incentive on a new one to match the total cost. Have you explored new ones at all?

Thanks for the reply @mllcb42. Pretty much confirmed what I had in mind.

I haven’t, to be quite honest. Truth be told, we aren’t very particular about interior or exterior color, don’t really care if it’s new or a fart car, mainly chasing the best deal we can find on an XC90. I haven’t really seen any new XC90s going for more than 12% off pre-incentive so just narrowed my search to loaners to start.

It’s probably worth looking at, especially if this one is equipped with extra stuff you wouldn’t normally consider. With all that said, if you can stay where you’re at, but at buy rate, this is by no means a bad deal. Is it the best one we’ve seen come through here? No, but it’s not too shabby.

Yeah, would be really slick if I could get current pre-incentive selling price, base MF, AND loyalty but we don’t own/lease a Volvo currently. My dad actually does own a Volvo so thought about trying to get creative there. Would he need to be on the title or would cosigning for the lease be enough?

I think @AP919 or @HersheySweet might be able to offer some guidance with household loyalty.

This is what I know from Volvo’s website. Never hurts to ask. @Ursus is the authority though, I just glean.

Thanks for sharing. We definitely don’t live at the same address so don’t think I can make that work.

Only if he is co-signer, but may not work unless he’s primary. @benedetto knows for sure

Alright, quick update. I am working with the same dealer and they luckily just marked a thunder grey loaner eligible for lease, which is the color we preferred and has about 1k less miles, same MSRP. They have agreed to offer the same selling price on the Thunder Grey XC90 as in the original quote in the top post and have also agreed (in email) to offering buy rate MF. Waiting to see the final numbers but this is what I’m coming up with assuming 0 DAS (aside from $5,250 MSDs):

Wouldn’t budge on the protection plan or dealer admin fees but the pre-incentive discount (16.5%) is pretty strong so just going to let sleeping dogs lie.

@mllcb42, thanks for the suggestion to look at New XC90s but I wasn’t able to really come close to 13% pre-incentive discount after reaching about to about 12 dealers, so decided to stick with the loaner option to get us to the lowest overall payment.

Thoughts? I’m thinking it looks pretty good…

That dealer fee is ridiculous, but other than that, doesn’t look too bad

My freind got a quote just like you did. Are you in NC? He is also. His had the BS $399 protection package and $799 dealer admin fee. In 10 seconds on the phoen he beefed and by magic the 399 was gone. They said that 799 even employees pay. Next thing you know they said to him if we remove that are you in??

Yep, in NC. I feel like I don’t have any leverage to push on this further but may try when I speak with them on the phone tomorrow. It’s a pain in the ass, for sure.

My partner is near you and went to the same dealer. He wont pay those fees. Ill try another way or he will skip Volvo. They gave him the same line. I say play hard and they will drop it.


Try negotiating a larger discount instead of trying to remove those line items.

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