Yet Another 2020 XC90 Thread

Our Sorento SX lease is ending in July so we are shopping for a “family sized” SUV to replace the Sorento. We have loved the Sorento and would have no problem going with an SX again but the numbers I’m getting back are in XC90 territory so thought I’d give a couple of dealers a shout to see what could be done on an XC90 loaner. I’ve gotten the following lease sheet from the internet sales manager and am trying to reverse engineer the calculator but coming up with a decent size delta.

This is a 36/12k term on a T6 Mom 7 seater ($3300 lease cash) with max MSDs. The $1250 rebate listed is Costco. The loaner has 3936 miles on it currently, so the residual is down to about 58.58% (from 60%):

Here is my calculator link. I’ve confirmed MF and residual on Edmunds for my zip (.00141/60%):

Am I missing something obvious in the calculator? I plan to go back and confirm MF as I’m guessing that’s where things might be going awry. Otherwise, it looks like a pretty decent first offer with ~16.5% off, which I understand is a pretty good target for loaner XC90s, right?

Any and all help appreciated!

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You need the Customer Disclosure which shows all break downs of the calculation. Just by looking at it the MF seems jacked.

16.5% is great. But they are charging $799+399 of crap… Is this dealer fee the norm in NC like Florida? That’s 2% discount eaten.

Haha, yeah not sure about the additional fees to be honest. Trying to review my Sorento contract as it was my first lease to compare the “fees.”

I’m waiting to hear back regarding MF and depending on how that conversation goes will start to talk about the disclosure. I basically told him if I can get base MF, max MSD, and maintain the pre-incentive discount, it’s pretty much a done deal. We’ll see how that goes…

Its been 2 years since I’ve been shopping in NC, but 699 was normal then. Occasionally a 499 at a smaller dealer. The protection package needs to go too.

He may be buying in VA where $799 is a norm.

16.4% pre-incentive is a really good discount. Do you know if they are making this car as a half or full-term loaner? Based on the mileage, I would presume half-term.

Dealers are always a stickler for the dealer fee, but the Protection Package has to go.

He may be buying in VA where $799 is a norm.

Nah, dealer is in NC as well.

16.4% pre-incentive is a really good discount. Do you know if they are making this car as a half or full-term loaner? Based on the mileage, I would presume half-term.

I’m not sure and I’m not familiar with the “half/full-term loaner” terminology. What does that mean for the deal?

At least you got the lowest sales tax in the country lol


There is personal property tax though. Nothing like VA, but its >$400 per year each on my QX60 and Tundra. It stings a bit more with the SALT deductions cap.

Still good with 3% tax.

@Ursus can explain this much better than I can, but it is a credit given by the manufacturer for keeping the loaner over a certain term or portion of a term. It usually $1,500 for 3-month/3K mile (half-term) and $3000 for 6-month/6K mile (full-term) loaners. Last time I heard that they did away with this program and only kept the $1,500.

This is @aronchi’s term. I only know about $3,000 on a qualified loaners. Never heard from my dealer about “half-term” loaners, even when some of his loaners where close to meeting full requirements. As far as I know it is either qualifies or not for the loaner cash (at 4.5k miles/3 months or 6k/6 months). The best person to clarify is @Benedetto, if he feels like it lol
p.s. I think he did clarify before, but I don’t remember :slight_smile:

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$3k loaners had 6k miles. Believe that is no longer the case so loaners now have $1500 and 3k miles.

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@Benedetto probably has, but I was not sure where to find this information. I think we need a Volvo loaner thread like the A-Plan one.

Regardless, OP still got a great discount with the loaner car.

It’s market and time specific.

Some are 3 month $1500, some are $2500.

Some are 6 month $3000, others are $4000.

Unfortunately it’s not as simple as X month program equals X


Not true. Like I said - I could have gotten one with 4.5k/3 months at full $3K if my dealer had one. So, I guess like Ben said - market and time specific.
Also, my XC90 had 5,500 miles and more than 6 months in loaner, so timing also affects it, I guess.

Yes it’s vin specific too

This has to be true. My S60 was definitely more than 6 months with 5,500 miles. Probably a combination of a volume-targeted month for the dealer and one of the higher rebates for loaner.

Is there a way to sort inventory by oldest loaner? Are you finding out when it was put in to service by asking or is there somewhere to gain that knowledge?