XC60 T6 offered for 498/m+tax

didn’t give me all the details but a XC60 T6 MOM

$50,350MSRP for a 36/10 at $498 plus tax with $1500 DAS. they say this is amazing of course, but i feel like i should hold out.

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Try a search. That payment is actually amazing.

Pretty good… hopefully it’ll get better and better.

Is that A-plan pricing?
Any MSDs?

Hard to eval, get the dealer discount.

no msd and no a plans apply

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Not amazing at all when you roll in tax and DAS. There are good incentives on XC60 T6 this month. In NE - $2k and $1.5K credit for Bowers audio. And $750 A-plan.

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What were incentives before this month? Seemed like everyone was getting the xc60 for like 600+ a month with drive offs.

Last month or two there was $1K and a-plan, before that - nothing. 19’s are here already, so they need to move them.

Is Volvo still honoring discounts past 6% on A plan in July?

Doesn’t look like it. They specifically spelled it out for dealers.

Bummer. They were doing $2k for NER when I got a quote in April but if you can’t go past 6% for the A plan cash it doesn’t seem worth it. Isn’t the Bowers audio like a $3,200 package? So the promo is like 50%?

A-plan is just $750 on them, so you easily get a better deal with 8% or more off. Yes, you get almost 50% credit on Bowers. There is extra $3K for current XC60 owners.

I like this car quite a bit, but not at $500 a month…

But they can’t joyride an XC60… lol


I mean, they could… No dealer in Flint. Funny sidebar…they don’t sell Genesis anymore in Flint.

I hear they don’t sell clean water up there, either…


Only in a Nestle bottle…

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Something something you mean the same water they get from the middle of the state?

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The most fresh water in the world and we have issues like this:

Could someone please explain how different discounts stack? Is costco A plan an additional 6% off the dealer discounted price? I got an offer on a 2018 xc90 after I asked for match of $10k off but the dealer didn’t have the color I wanted. |MSRP:|$59,440|
|Our Price:|$56,844|
|Your Savings:|-$