X1 Stop Sale Voluntary Recall

More in for on the X1 stop sale. Issues with the “b pillar”.

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Bump with update on remedy to the B-Pillar trim.

Thanks for sharing this update. I’m sure this stop sale has cost BMW lots of money, considering the X1 is one of the top sellers in its class, and rightly so.

Can we expect dealers to be more aggressive on sales price in order to get these off the lot once the stop sale is lifted?

Hard to say. In theory, sure, but the X1 is also a top seller for BMW and I think there is actually some demand that may be building up.

No way to know until it’s lifted. We are still a ways away at this point - they still need to manufacture the fix and get it out to dealers.

I went to the local dealer for service last week, talked with my sales guy and he said that they still had allot 2018 X1’s and they didn’t have a time line when the fix will be ready, sounds expensive.

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After 3 months of my wife driving her 2019 X1 without knowing how much of a safety issue this is, it would be nice to have an official answer from BMW.

We all drive cars with “unknown safety issues” all the time. Difference being, BMW found it and issued a recall, so now you know about it. The 3 series or Caddy that I’m driving could have a safety defect as well that hasn’t been found yet.

Point being that while it’s perfectly fine to be concerned, I wouldn’t be overly concerned that you’re going to die in a crash tomorrow.

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There are governmental agencies that track defects and safety issues for vehicles. If they see a defect that is serious enough they will recall the issue. If it’s minor it probably won’t show up. The fact that BMW is self recalling this might suggest its more serious of an issue, and they want to catch it before more units are added to the list. Perhaps waiting until a governmental agency does the recall process might be slow and more units will continue to pile up unfixed. So basically nobody knows how serious this is and it certainly does make one wonder what the degree of danger there could be. This will most likely cost BMW a good amount of money, which they would not be spending if it was a non issue. Also, lawyers do a pretty good job of finding and rectifying defects in many products. Some legit and some not so legit. By BMW being ahead of the lawyers might be a cheaper road for them to take.

in 2018, BMW sold 3x as many X3s as X1s, according to carsalesbase.

Also, does “stop sale” mean “stop production”? I could see them continuing production, and then just stashing them in lots someplace until they can be retrofitted.

I went to buy a 2019 X1 on June 8th. They told me about the recall but that it would probably just be a couple of weeks. I signed papers, they took my trade-in, and they put me in a loaner (an X2) until I could take the X1 home once the recall was cleared… which it still has not. So all the papers I signed have been voided, I’ve signed away my trade-in already but don’t own the X1 yet and now I feel stuck in this weird verbal agreement. I have been told there are other people who also bought the X1 knowing that they have to wait for the recall to clear. It feels very sketchy.

Just ask for a 7 series to waft about in instead? It’s not like anyone else wants one so I’m sure they’ll have a couple laying about :slight_smile:


Sounds great, free miles!


As long as they have guaranteed in writing to give you the deal you agreed to when the recall ends, I would not sweat it.

Drive their loaner car and if it doesn’t work out, go hack something else.

Or see if they’ll cut you a deal on an X3 instead…

Can I still transfer my x1 lease with this stop sale situation?

No, not until repairs are made.

I bought my X1 at end of April and was told in May from local dealership about pending recalls. They knew as early as January that this model was in non compliance. No they won’t provide a loaner. Bmw said the safety belt is kinda safe for now and the other issue is for occupants in the back seat

Latest memo regarding repair / parts needed.


So it appears the crux of the issue is in unbelted passengers potentially smacking a trim piece that is in non-compliance. For those panicking that you’re going to die now in an x1, buckle up. Problem solved.


No one knew what exactly the recall entailed. So concern was an appropriate reaction. Your snide comment is certainly uncalled for.