Wrangler 392 spin off - ordering, configs, flips, etc

So who was crazy enough to place an order before the latest price hike?

I’m debating whether to pick mine up since I don’t have a buyer. Does anyone have a buyer in the NJ area?

Lmk if I can pick yours up.


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Sure why not lmao

Send me the details :sunglasses:

Trying to join the “spend :100:, make :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: club.”


No intentions of selling mine - 0. Honest truth. If a stupid offer falls into my lap…of course I would at least consider. We are all hackrs after all. :innocent:

This has been one of my favorites of all, if not the #1 for fun. I miss my sarge something terrible. The MY24 refresh & it being an “XR” has made it that much sweeter, other than the price. :sweat_smile:


If high blood pressure it the “silent killer” in adults, then interest/MF is the same for CCAP deals.

Godspeed, brother.

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:joy: the MF on the Stellantis performance vehicles is :nauseated_face::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:. I’m not sure that “insane” even covers it; I would never pay that for a day longer than I had to.

My new beast isn’t leased. :sunglasses:


The bank still owns it tho :sunglasses:

The point was only a fool would lease something like this, if the intent was to keep it longer term. The rent charge is :peanuts: :peanuts:

Problem is that I can’t spend 100 and make 5k. If I could I would have picked up now lol

tell mitch i want it since you have paper hands

@zaimer :joy: where is the zlJUAN?

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Hey, theres a line for @li8625’s truck. Fall in line, bucko.

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@drdvrgs I’ll take that truck as my second one just out of spite, since I’m getting picked on. :rofl:

How do you like the ZL1? :smiling_imp:

Is having paper hands better than not being able to get approved because you have too many bmw M lite cars? Asking for a friend.

Car has to be driven in track mode. :smiling_imp: The pops/crackles on deceleration are awesome. I love the bark on startup. The skip shift can get annoying and the car does not like 2nd gear in most circumstances…which isn’t terribly uncommon for performance manuals (in my experience).

I’ve taken people for rides and I usually explained the handling as “the car will outperform most drivers capabilities/guts, before the driver is limited by the car”. Handling, braking, acceleration are all great. A major difference coming from a Hellcat is the ZL1 just sticks to the road, whereas the Hellcat can be sloppy and spins under acceleration. The zl1 just takes off. I think a good amount of that is the difference in the tires themselves. The zl1 comes stock with much better rubber than the :cat:’s, again my opinion.

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:bangbang::bangbang: :fearful:

I thought it only happened to me :bangbang: