Wrangler 392 spin off - ordering, configs, flips, etc

Yeah this is a real consideration if you’re looking for profit. I would not order one of these thinking you’re going to make a big ROI. This is the classic have a blast with a car and unload it without getting hurt a few months later move. That’s why I still have a WRX in the driveway, but that’s a third of the payment.

I never tripped any alarms with CCAP leasing until the TRX and 392 apps went in with big payments

For personal enjoyment I’d get a SOT even if you don’t recoup it when you sell (which unfortunately you can’t get with Anvil). They increased the cost for SOT on these a lot vs. last year whereas they decreased the cost for it on 4xes.

I thought I read somewhere this is open now

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Good to know!

I put a 4xe order in this week and SOT wasn’t available in Anvil for that.

As of 2 days ago, you cannot order Anvil w SOT.

Standard now on 392.

Plus Mopar Hardtop Headliner.

Those 5 options make up $5960 on a 2023 build, more than makes up for the 2024 $5100 msrp increase. Doesn’t even account for new 12.3 inch infotainment, nappa leather, power seats, floating rear axles, antenna delete.


To those that want to drive it for a few months and exit as low as possible
Order the half doors
They sell for more on the 2nd hand market, true :dolphin:


Fb marketplace flooded with anvil half doors by December


Check the forums they sell for over msrp :joy:

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So what color will your half doors be :nerd_face:

Edit: I think you gave that a heart before I had posted. :joy:

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I’d pick a set of Volks out just in case that happens :weary:

I really hate you guys. I thought this car was done for.



Schitts Creek Comedy GIF by CBC

I got Chappied on my first order, so actually looking forward to it

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I know these orders with Mitch are a “order now think later” situation with the refundable deposit but… I’m not sure I see the upside here.

With acq/doc/ship out here to the west we’re at 84k on a base with color option. Running the LH calc with 23 programs, the best CCAP payment I got is a risky 1400+.

Seems like a lot of risk for a few days of enjoyment and a few grand of profit. Maybe I should stick to Priuses

You are not wrong :joy:
That ig reel of 20+ anvil back to back gonna be sick


Totally right… you’re looking at 3-5k of profit at your upside, not losing much or waiting until it sells to get the deposit back as the likely downside and a $1500ish payment. Not that different than the TRX moving forward.

But hard to find someone who didn’t think this was an absolute blast to drive and misses having it.


Order is in with Mitch! Email back and forth took a few days to get it done but so far, so good.


Did you get the full 8% off?

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I will. It’s written up as 6% right now, but will be 8% upon delivery once I lease and produce my affiliate code.


I just finished signing all my paperwork and paying the deposit. Does Mitch send you the VON or do I need to ask for it in a few days? I’m trying not to bombard him with emails. This is my first time using him.

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His emails to me included the POC. The VON is on that.