Would you lease a Demo with more than 5k miles?

I’m considering some 5 series demos. Would you lease one with 6 months of service and 5k miles already on it?

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Sure, why not? I’d take a look at the car first to make sure there are no scratches/dents or excess interior wear given the mileage. BMW’s new car lease programs now apply to cars with up to 7500 miles, so it’s not like the deal would be worse.


It’s no big deal, just realize that it would have some wear/tear on it. Stone chips, curb rash or such. If it’s minor, it’s no issue.

Also for BMW, the 3-yr maintenance starts from when it’s put into service. But again, no big deal.

For the right price, I would lease even a 10K miles car. What are your concerns?

I just wasn’t sure if there were some hidden pitfalls to that, like running out of warranty too soon or something. Obviously the price has to make the mileage worthwhile.

Confirm “in service date” for warranty start date. Also make sure to account for mileage penalty while calculating the cost of your lease. I would also confirm free maintenance transfers to you which it should on a true loaner. The rest is the same.

Yeah, that was part of my concern. Will I still get 3 yrs/36k free maintenance, or just the remaining 2.5yrs/31k?

It’s been awhile since I had to pull this one up but here you go…


How is it so that you won’t be liable for existing damage at end of lease ? Can’t they say u damaged the car

Yes, the lessee is liable for all wear/tear. The point is that if there are significant issues, it’ll be on the buyer/lessee to resolve it with the dealer beforehand.

If they are minor and within the lessors wear/tear guidelines, it’s no issue. Lessors do not expect a perfect car on return after 3 years. There will be some wear/tear whether be it door dings, curb rash, stone chips or such. Just need to see what the guidelines are and do your due diligence. Everyone’s individual tolerance for these things are different - it’s up to the buyer/lessee to decide if a loaner is something they can work with.

I think this one is a no go. The RV takes a hit from the mileage and the Test Drive OL credit doesn’t apply to vehicles over 5k miles (possible any demos at all?). Regardless, the dealer keeps coming back with high quotes.

What credit score is top tier for BMWFS? What credit bureaus do they use?

I’ve leased several loaners cars all with ~3k miles, and most recently this past weekend a 5 series with 2,700 miles. I did a walk around several times and went inside and did a comb over multiple times. This last one was absolutely brand new condition and it also had the light Cranberra Beige interior

All cars have been spotless and brand new condition really . Not even a stone chip on the front bumpers.

A loaner with 5k might have some more wear and tear but under no circumstances take a loaner that has any noticeable (chargeable ) damages.

Make sure the discount is higher to offset the mileage residual hit

Back then when the 24v36mo RV difference is 6%, my rule of thumb is to do 24mo leases for older loaners. Maturing mileage sits around 30,000 so service all covered, and if it’s regular all season RFT, you won’t need to worry about tires either, for the most part. Right now you need to factor in all these when you compare, different car can yield different results.

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Also check for prior accidents and repairs.

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to hack my first lease on a 530i Demo, and this is the best I’ve been able to get on this one so far. I know it’s not great, and the car has almost 6000 miles on it, but I’m wondering if it’s decent enough to take, since I don’t have loyalty, it’s equipped the way I want it, and black/black demos tend seem hard to find.

Here is what the dealer countered my initial offer with:

They marked up the MF, so I built the deal on the calculator at base MF, and counting the mileage to compare. I also think the $1000 Test drive credit wont apply to this car (over 5k miles) so if I can’t get that, it puts the discount closer to 9.75%.

That should be enough info to move on

Do you mean “to MOVE on” or “to move ON”? :smile:

Jump on it or walk away?

Agree, I would lease a demo with 5k or 10k. Car is still new and if I can save 25% or more, why not?

Why get a demo at 9% when you can get a new one at higher that you can apply extra incentives to and not take a rv hit?