Would it be hard to hack a 24 month 20k yr mile lease?

Looking for a car lease that’s higher in mileage, preferable 20k per year. Got around 3-4k that I’m willing to put down. I’m new here, sorry.

What’s a good car in my price range? I prefer SUVs. Monthly rate I’m trying to get at is between 500-900.
Is a X5 realistic for my price range?

An X5 with a 10k mile lease is ~ $975+ tax w $7700 MSD without loyalty or $843 + tax w $6650 MSD with loyalty. This is assuming an 8.5% discount on a $71k MSRP car, and only 1st month payment + MSD due at signing.

FWIW the total yearly cost of ownership on an X5 is about the same if you lease or purchase. Definitely will be better to purchase with that many miles.

Personally I’d take a look at something else with less depreciation and better mileage, or buy a 2021/2022 CPO X5 with less than 25k miles on it which will be way less TCO than leasing, but probably still bad compared to other options.

With that many miles, look at buying something with a plug if you want to save money.

So this is where you have to take it upon yourself to get creative. Besides the mileage, you’re also concerned with making payments on a car that isn’t “yours” and will be out of warranty. I take it this is why you are asking about 24 month leases with a 20K per year allotment. Pick a manufacturer that has a low “over” mileage charge (Toyota Financial charges $.15 per mile) and allows you to buy down your money factor (interest rate) with MSD (Multiple Security Deposits) instead of putting “3-4K Down” as a capitalized cost reduction. This way, you can take a “normal” 15K mile per year lease and the bank will automatically deduct for the over mileage at the end of the lease instead of sending you a bill. You can also pick a vehicle like a Wrangler that historically (past performance does not gualrantee future results) holds its value very well. So there is a possibility that you’ll be able to sell the lease early to a 3rd party. I don’t think an X5 fits into your price range. I’d start your search for a CPO Lexus. Their CPO warranty is quite comprehensive and starts at 2 years/unlimited mileage (you can purchase additional years). Not as sexy or exciting as an X5 by any means.

Since you are new here, I’d suggest reading some of the boards and gain some knowledge. There are a lot of moving parts to a lease, but if you arm yourself with the proper knowledge it doesn’t have to be complicated. Good luck with your search.


Would buy it if you can legitimately write it off (S179)

Maybe a lease transfer with someone who has 24 months remaining would be a good idea in my case?

I’m not sure what area of the country you are in, but many of the brokers here are very friendly. Their fees are well worth your time.

But does this exist? A lease with 24m and 40k miles remaining?

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Hi, I think you emailed me in the middle of the night. A 24-month lease with BMW is not favorable. Because the residual is only 4% higher than a 36-month lease, that alone is hundreds higher for a 24-month term.

The highest mileage BMW offers is 15,000, so you’d have to pay a lot for extra mileage. You’d be best in something like a CPO Lexus because it’ll still hold value relatively well.

Or a brand new Lexus. I’ve seen $5,000+ discounts being offered in the #marketplace IIRC.

Drive 2 years and 40k miles, trade in and rinse/repeat. The trade is very CPO-able and therefore should be desirable for dealers.


Funny you mention that. I completely didn’t even think of it. My Mom is currently on that program. She does a lot of driving as well. She leased a 2020 RX350, traded it in early (and got a boatload of equity) and got a nice discount (at the time) and leased a 2022. I’m sure we’ll be able to get her out early again towards the end of the year.

I have to look into some of these $5,000+ discounts:)

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My uncle has been doing that with Honda for 20+ years.

There are just so many people religiously looking for “lightly used & late model” Toyota or Honda Corp products that a dealer can offer a healthy trade value and still make a good profit.


A Lexus ES250 is a car that I really like. So you suggest I just finance it, and then swap it out 2 years later since it’ll hold its value really well?

Might also wait for the new Lexus GX

You are SO much better off with the current body style. @AutoCompanion has them at 10% off. Drive it for a year and your 20K miles and you’ll be able to get out of it. That sucker will use A LOT of gas though:)-


Care by Volvo time.

You cannot afford an X5, Arafat.

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Yup. And that (sometime between 24-30 months from now) is also probably a much better time to get into the new GX. You don’t want to be buying it right when it comes out likely with huge markups.

Is 40k miles in 2 years considered “lightly used”?

In 2 years time, when the used car frenzy has had more time to die down, even if a Lexus, will it hold value?

Seems a little uncertain especially with Rise of the Planet of the EVs.

Yup. That wouldn’t be an outlier at all in a typical dealership’s CPO inventory.

The religious zeal of the “always buy used” crowd long predates the pandemic. It goes back to personal finance gurus on talk radio, if not earlier.


Seems like the perfect candidate for Grand Cherokee 4XE