Would it be hard to hack a 24 month 20k yr mile lease?

If you’re picking between PHEVs, you need to really think about your use case. If you drive 22 miles twice a day between places you can charge, the 4xes are good, but their MPG once you’re in gas is pretty bad. A Sorento PHEV gets far better mileage.

Jeep GC vs competitive vehicles on FuelEconomy.gov

Generally a lease rarely works well for people who drive a lot

Except leases for those other PHEVs are more expensive.

Maybe the Santa Fe PHEV might have a hackable lease… but haven’t seen one here.

OP didn’t say anything about gas mileage, sounds like he just wants an SUV deal, can’t beat the value proposition on the GC 4XE

20,000 miles per year …. Is a lot of gas.

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Money you spend on gas is just as green as money you spend on a lease. Anyways at 20,000 miles a year OP shouldn’t lease unless they can find something REALLY special.

I’ll disagree with you on this, if you find the right deal, like one of these 4XE for let’s say $450/mo at 15k/yr and buy the extra miles upfront, not sure what Chrysler charges but even assuming $.20 a mile, that’s an extra $2000, payment would be $533 with the extra $2000 in miles rolled in. Pretty much under warranty the whole time and you just hand it back after 40000 miles. That’s going to cheaper than buying something, and less risk, with the lease you don’t have to worry about having an accident and tanking the resale. Plus most of the time, the extra miles you buy upfront are refundable. What decent SUV is going to have a payment that cheap with leather etc on a 5 year loan with nothing down?

How many boat payments has Dave Ramsey inadvertently made for used car managers?

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Drop in the bucket compared to how much he made for himself

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You can definitely make it work. Taking out a loan and trading in your car with 60,000+ miles after 3 years isn’t fun either. It could be a desirable vehicle 10/10 exterior condition & 10/10 interior condition with new tires, brakes, & fresh oil, but the dealer has a bunch of the same desirable vehicles in the same color that he took in as lease buy backs of people who put 10-15K miles on the car in the same time period.

The days of going to a dealer in person and trying to haggle are over.

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I consistently get 30 miles electric range in my gc 4xe, but yes, fuel economy is better on vehicles with half the power.

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I agree with you 100%.