Worst leases you've seen

In essence: they know they’re boned if they try to return it and will assist you with $5,000 toward the buyout against the residual since that’s cheaper than what they’ll owe end of lease.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say NOBODY wants it.

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Ya, I saw they would be at least $8k in the whole with the mileage penalty even if they didn’t drive it for 7 months. I just don’t know how you get in that situation unless you are using it for a ride sharing service or just totally clueless about your lease.

It could happen to anyone. You take a job with a long commute with better benefits, or lose a job and have to make up for it doing ride share, or just love driving it. In the end you gotta pay to play…

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There was a reddit thread a few months ago, a person turned in a 36k mi lease with 215k miles on the odometer. Didn’t even have funds to buy out the car … I think I posted it here back then too.


I got some of the numbers wrong but here you go:

Ahh, yes. I remember this. I even commented on it :slight_smile:

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Let me guess, they turned it in and never paid the bill from the captive?

Unfortunately I signed a god awful lease a year before I found LeaseHackr😭

At the time I was 19 and my credit was “subprime” at a 670 so he said I couldn’t qualify for a low payment lease…which come to find out a year later was absolute BS…now I live with this mistake until I’m 22 LOL. What bugs me the most is that this is E class money being spent every month😞

Yeah… what’s the buyout with carvana, they offer stupid $ for nissans.

Come back when you’re 22, the forum, or marketplace will gladly help you.

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As of right now the difference between a buyout from caravana is $-5,000…I have the cash to do that but I’m not going to spend that money to not drive a car. Especially under the unpredictable times that we’re in

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And for sure I will be coming back to this forum! It’s taught me so much and the community is the best! So long as you don’t ask for handouts :joy::joy:

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It’s an Altima… Any price is a bad price!


100% agreed😂 and with this deal I must have made someone’s boat payment

In the history of bad 19yr old decisions, this isn’t the worst by any means.


That is true! I have seen far worse from my friends unfortunately

Would anyone like to lease a 2018 Volt Premier for $287 a month with $4997 down? I’m sure that’s plus fees too. Oh and keep in mind that the Volt is not on the list of eligible Electric Vehicles for the rebate in NJ where this is located. Probably because it’s absolutely ludicrous that someone still has this for sale in the summer of 2020.


Is GM Financial still the bank for these deals? I couldn’t imagine so.

Doesn’t say, but I highly doubt it.

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She’s the lot queen, young and sweet only forty three.