Wife Luxury Car: $500/month budget

My wife needs a new car. Prefers luxury brands but only drives 300 miles a month around town. You know the drill.

I imagine with a $500/month lease budget, she has a ton of options.

What are some cars you would recommend, either because they lease really well or because they are just great cars in this budget range.

BMW 4 series are leasing great right now. BMW 3 series, Volvo S60 also come to mind with great deals floating around here.


Lexus ES F Sport has good incentives and lowish payments possible. Could be different in Tejas, I’m not savvy to all markets.

Edit: you might be a good candidate for a CPO Lexus with that low a mileage requirement.


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Lexus ES F Sport has good incentives and lowish payments possible

We looked at this car last week at two dealerships, but the Texas Lexus dealers just will not discount this model, despite the fact that most of the ES350s have been on the lot 90 days-plus. They’ll take $2,000 off MSRP and give you the factory rebates, but they will not budge further on price. Seems like a fun car but for a slow selling sedan, they price these like they sell like RXs.

BMW 4 series lease really well right now. You could also get a 3 series under budget, possibly reach for a 5 series in certain cases.

Infiniti’s lease cheap if you don’t need a lot of tech.

Lexus, especially their NX and RX SUVs, are very reasonable right now.

At 3600 miles a year it is a total, absurd waste of money to be leasing. You’re paying for not only the initial time depreciation but thousands of miles of mileage depreciation that will never be used. A $500 budget implies that you don’t have unlimited income and are sensitive to expenditures. I would recommend buying CPO in the $20-25k region, you have tons of great options.


Or, alternatively, take over a lease from someone who has put way more miles than they should on it and the buyer is offering a large incentive to compensate for it.


I agree she doesn’t drive enough to justify a lease it would be money down the drain.

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Yep sounds like a CPO Lexus would be a perfect (if slightly dull) choice.

If you’re stuck on leasing, $500 opens up a lot of choice. Ultimately it would come down to what kind of car your wife likes? Is she a subcompact luxury CUV (aka Volvo XC40) kinda gal? or a sports sedan (BMW M340i) kinda broad?

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With so little use, I’d be looking at something with steep initial depreciation but either great warranty or relatively reliable/cheap repair cost

Who has unlimited income? It’s just as logical that they only want to spend $500 a month due to the limited number of intended miles.





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$1.66/mile cost is firmly into exotic/super luxury car territory. It’s the equivalent of $1383/mo on a 10k lease.


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Could try to hack a 7 series loaner on a chump special 7,500/yr lease.


It’s also great if you’re at work right now!