Why arent there many Subaru hackr posts...its seems to be mostly European cars


Why not Infiniti QX50? I’m almost positive it just as “capable” offroader as Forester and has similar cargo area. Should be pretty decent in snow and probably is a better vehicle altogether.

Great deals right now. Better vehicle that is almost as capable as Forester, better equipped and you can throw it away in 3 years. Here is the link to a broker who posted this 4 days ago. Dirt cheap. There is no way you will get a Forester for this price.

ok u caught my interest…who is this dealer or broker…I might be interested. share more details please


I’m on my phone right now. So a search for a qx50 lease. Should be in top 5 when sorted by date.

Which might be a comparable Volvo model for outback onyx.
I want something with similar horsepower and comparable prices.

V60 CrossCountry T5

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Has the OP leased that Subaru?

As a consumer (I am not a broker-- I just love Subarus and went down the rabbit hole on how to lease them, lol!), I deal with this battle about every 3 years.

We love our Subie, but have young kids and dont want to buy a car outright. Most recent Subaru lease was a 2020 Ascent Premium with a bunch of accessories (including a pricey trailer hitch, which is impossible to find on the lot!). Our payment (NJ based) is $415/month all in-- just first months payment at the dealership.

Our prior lease, a 2018 Forester Limited was in the low $300s (Edmunds used to publish a spreadsheet that had the best lease deals of the month, and that month they noted subaru had a $286/month deal-- I must have called every dealership in NY, NJ, PA, CT until I found one who would do that deal. Unforturnately, Edmunds no longer publishes that–extremely valuable–spreadsheet). Again, that ‘low $300s’ was with all fees and tax included.

There are deals to be had, but Subaru isnt like other brands–you wont find $10k in lease cash like I just got on my 2020 Ioniq. You basically have to use things like Subaru VIP program (google it-- extremely valuable) and look for owner loyalty coupons

You also MUST shop around. That 2020 Ascent Premium? My first quote from a local dealer was over $600/mo!

Good luck!

You buy Subaru, for the reasons you stated. But leases got much better than 5 years+ ago, for sure

Took me 2 months for find my 2019 Touring 3.6 for 370 sign and drive in NJ. I personally hate the car And don’t see the appeal of it by any means but to each their own.

Was a lot Harder to find a deal on subaru than on a Volvo

Yes… got the Forester Sport. Not a bad car. Drive is comfortable and smooth. No frills though. Nothing invigorating about the drive or the vehicle, however, I can see the appeal for many. It checks most boxes without shining in anything particular. Good all around comfortable SUV that looks better than most with its Sport version. Personally, I would have liked a bit more acceleration to match its sporty look but either way, Im ok with it

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