Why arent there many Subaru hackr posts...its seems to be mostly European cars


Folks, Im sorry, but I could use a little help. I have tried several times to add these numbers I got from a Subaru dealership into the Lease Hackr calculator but just cant figure out the right combination of settings to get the numbers to spit out the same data that the dealer printed for me in the dealership. Im sure Im doing something wrong because they even line up fine with a homemade Excel spreadsheet I created that calculates all the payments, total lease, and taxes properly, but for some reason I cant make it work with this Calculator. So I would appreciate anyone who wants to take a stab at this to help me out…

Subaru Forester Sport 2020
NJ Tax Rate 6.625
MSRP $32,989
Selling Price $30,296
Government Fees $7.50
Proc/Doc Fee $395
Capitalized taxes $911.11
Acquisition Fee $595
Gross Cap Cost $32,204.60
Cap Cost Reduction $0.17
Adjusted Cap Cost $32,204.43
Paid by Customer $409
Total Due at Signing $409
Residual Value $20,123.29

DMV Fee Due at signing $300
MF 0.0014
Residual % 61
Total Payments $14,615

First off, I dont think this is a good lease deal, but secondly and most importantly, I cant get all the numbers from this printout to properly calculate a LeaseHackr score because they arent adding up. I think its my fault because the first half of the calculator, everything is calculating properly, but its when I get to the fees and Cap Cost reductions section, Im not sure I am entering the right info to calculate the proper monthly lease payments and Due at signing calculations.

So if someone who has a bit better knowledge of the calculator assist me here, I would greatly appreciate it.

thank you

I just want to say, with this, you’re paying 14.6k to rent a car for 3 years, when you could purchase for 30k (probably less) @ 0% or a subvented apr loan.

The MF of 0.0014 is ugly at itself, paired with 7-8% eyeball discount?

What’s you’re das, 409 first and 300 dmv? Can you just post a lease sheet? That would make it easier.

I agree…but I dont know my options to get this price lower other then going to other dealers and shop it around, but Im guessing this may only take a few dollars off the monthly payment when all is said and done??

How else can I get more off a Subaru Forester or Outback at this time?

also any help u can provide for me to get this quote into the LeaseHackr calculator properly, I would appreciate. Im sure I am doing something simple wrong with one or 2 of the settings

thank you

sorry I didnt answer your question, yes the Due at Signing is the 409 + DMV 300 fee

Im sorry, this is all I have from the dealer. That is the full print out they shared with me

I’ve mentioned this, Subaru is one of the brands I don’t do. I don’t have much confidence if any in my knowledge of their programs and what is a deal. I can only say, this is a car I would consider financing vs leasing.

This is what I have, and without further information, this is what I can do. 410/month (again, closest) with 709 das (409+300 dmv).

thank you, I didnt realize you could simply adjust the numbers to make everything line up by putting in a negative down payment (-$1357) In the terms of this potential lease, what does/or could this negative down payment number represent?

I’m moving numbers around. Mostly rolling everything into cap cost so only first is due at signing plus your 300 dmv, which unless I made a stupid mistake is being double charged.

Get a lease sheet from the dealer. I highly recommend a different car though, one can only shop a car so far, if you’re shopping the best deal / value that’s a different story.

Also, I realized by checking the Edmunds July Res and MF for this car, the dealer has an inflated MF in my quote. The actual MF for the Forester should be .0011(2.64) instead of the .0014 (3.36) they gave me.

So Im not sure if I should leave this dealer all together, or go back to them to give them another chance at correcting this. It sounds either a little shady or greedy to me. Id appreciate next steps advice to try and get a better lease deal on this vehicle. Maybe its just not possible because these Subaru Foresters are so in demand?

Read leasing 101.

Every lease deal comes down to a few factors, abbreviated version absconding taxes, demos, etc so regulars bear with me cough ursus don’t roast me cough, largest discount, base MF, find the most incentives to move a car (aged unit, lease cash, (if there are any hahaha), etc). That’s how you shop the best lease deal on a specific model.

Leasing isn’t always for everyone, look into your financing options, Subaru has a 0% apr for 63 months, and I’m sure you can find good financing at a local credit union to take advantage of finance rebates non compatible to the 0% apr subvented rate. You seem pretty set on a forester.

Thanks for the heads up on the 0% APR for purchasing. I may actually consider this instead of leasing so my next question is, what differences do I need to take into consideration when buying vs leasing. My understanding its less confusing but I never actually purchased so Im not sure what differences need to reviewed during the transaction

My guess is obviously lowest selling price, other there any different fees or potential traps that could take my 0% final sale price back up and lessen whatever deal I work out?

For example, I just went to Subaru official website to baseline a price and look at financing options and one of the fees on there was a destination & delivery charge of $1000. I dont every recall that line item on a lease. thank you again for this assistance

This is included in the MSRP of the vehicle, on a lease or purchase. If a dealer tries to charge you for this separately, find a new dealer (and stop shopping in MD, where they love to do this).

Apologies for the additional finance questions on a Leasing forum, but they are helpful…

If i decide to finance the vehicle rather than lease, Is it as simple as just negotiating the same Leasing selling price I had at 8-9% off MSRP then having the dealer apply the 0% APR thru Subaru (assuming I have excellent credit score) and thats it?..no other charges/fees to worry about negotiating? Seems much easier then a lease if thats the case.

Is there less of an incentive for the saleperson to work a purchase at that 0% rate with the same Lease discount selling price he gave me? Im just trying to prepare myself for what to expect

thanks again

You need to find out if there are differences in incentives. Lease and purchase incentives tend to be different and often times not all incentives apply when using 0% financing.

Thanks, would it be realistic to expect the same MSRP discount of 8-10% off on a buy the same as it was on the lease deal? Im just thinking that with 0% APR where would the dealership be making the money as opposed to all the ways they can on the lease??

It is better to finance Subaru, IMO. They hold their value very well.
The same selling price, lease of finance.

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If you search around in the marketplace there are definitely dealers and brokers who can get you a much better deal on a Subaru. But I don’t know if any of them ship their deals.

I’m finding in less populous cities or even entire states, even if you’re paying an additional $1k for shipping, local dealers still can’t compete with pricing here.

thnx…can you share any details of what you found for a Forester Sport or an Onyx Outback ?

I only ran one quote for midwest region. Might be worth shopping outside your region

2020 Forester Sport - Package 24 / Pop 2 + Rear Seatback Protector + Body Side Molding

MSRP: $33,334
Invoice: $30,770
Your Selling Price: $29,028