Who Needs Tire and Wheel Protection? BMW/AUDI/DODGE/JEEP

Have you had trouble with your Rim and Tire lately? Depending on where you live at and what road condition you drive on. Rim and Tire Protection can be very beneficial for you. People normally think that they only have one chance to purchase the Rim and Tire Protection when it’s during the purchase but the truth of the matter is you can purchase Rim and Tire Protection even after you sealed the deal.
We here at Capital Motor Cars give our clients a second chance of feeling “secured” we have an in house company who will cover your investment. Any type of slash/pop tires or crack/bent rims will be replaced. With $0 deductible! All what you have to do is bring the vehicle to a respectable dealership and they’ll take care of it for you. So if you had troubles with your Rim and Tire now you don’t have to.
Please PM us for more information!

Yes, we can insure used cars as well. Doesn’t have to be brand new. The farthest back we can go is 2014.

Might help to post some sample pricing for a popular car or two.


That isn’t a bad idea at all! TY

Does your plan cover road rash on a rim or does it need to crack to be covered?

No Rim Rash…
It will need to be cracked/bent.

You offer CF lip protection too? I find myself backing in everywhere because the 4 is really low and that CF lip is pricey

Sadly, we don’t have any protection towards that part of the vehicle.

I’ll bring it up to the team though! Until than.


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Haha, it was worth a shot. Lemme know if that changes.

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does that v8 dodge cover the hellcat?

edit; oh fk your in el paso, rip.

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Yes it does!

No, We are actually located in Springfield, NJ.

ElPesaao is just a username. :smiley:

that works out better

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do you cover radials for the tire?

Yes they are covered.

it is just for these brands?

No it’s for all makes and models.

What brand do you have in mind?

I have it already on my Alfa Romeo but next car I get I was considering adding it, not sure what yet

some V8 dodges with a supercharger were on my list though… lol

how much for a 2019 Infiniti QX60?

what could be cost for 2019 BMW X3 . I am looking for tire and rim protection.