Who has a black car?

My brother in law is strongly trying to talk me off black. Says the swirl marks, scratches, etc… Huge PITA to deal with. I’ll be washing and waxing it every week according to him.

You guys agree or disagree?

Never had a black car.

Friends don’t let friends buy black cars.

In all seriousness though, it depends on how OCD and hands on you are with taking care of your cars. If you are a hands-off person, I would avoid a black car.

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Nothing looks better than a freshly detailed black car or worse than a dirty black car.

If you want to keep it looking great, it is a lot of work. If you don’t care, there are other colors that don’t show bring dirty nearly as easily.

Picked up my first black car a month ago and it will be my last black car (unless the deal is too good to pass up). Needs to be handwashed weekly to look nice. If you plan on taking it through the car wash just get used to seeing all the scratches.

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It’s fine. Never detailed my car (so no swirl marks) and washed it probably 10 times in 3 years.


Okay, so someone is telling me it is daytime right now and someone else is saying it is nighttime - I love the internet.

FWIW, it’s a big SUV, probably makes handwashing a no go and way too time consuming.


My lease just ended on my black car. I had a membership at a local car wash that had touchless washes. It definitely didn’t look perfect, but running it through a few times a week kept it looking presentable. It never looked perfect, but, was sufficient for me.

NEVER take it through a wash with brushes, then you’ll have plenty of swirls to admire. If small scratches can be seen dedicate some time to hand wash, clay bar, polish, seal once or twice a year. Or, find detail service that will do paint correction.


Silver car is the way to go.

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Opinions are like excretory orifices: everybody has one.

I had a black SUV - it was fine except it was a lemon. I would lease another black vehicle but it’s never in my top 2 choices (maybe a black V60 T8 Polestar next time). Great color to wrap.

My sister has had who knows how many black/black SUVs - she loves them.

Tell your BIL everybody gets to be a virgin once and lease whatever you want.

The coldest take :cold_face:

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Black is a combination of all the colors so it is naturally the best color but technically is not a color. Most people don’t see that in the fine-print though.


I promised myself to never get a black car, but when it’s a :unicorn: all bets are off, hence I’m driving a black car, as long as you aren’t OCD it’s fine.

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I hate black cars because they look really bad dirty, and I just dont have the time to wash more than once a month. That being said, all my last 3 have been black because apparently that’s where the best deal was to be had…

True. And black is basically the BMW reference color: every model looks good in schwarz :black_large_square:

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Pretty much every car looks good in black. Especially BMWs.


I had a black car before and had some instances when random people were trying to open the back door because they thought I am their Uber. :slightly_smiling_face:


So to summarize, majority opinion is the car needs to be washed, frequently, in a special wash, or it’s real dirty. And even then, it is still tough.

But when it is clean, it is excellent.

That pretty much sums it up. Looks wonderful for a whole 15 minutes after you’ve spent 3 hours washing it before the tree sap, dust, pollen, etc start to attack it. Then it’s just meh until you have another day to wash it and start all over again.


Took it through brushes maybe 80% of total 10 washes and there were 0 swirls.

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There is always rain once in a while