Which vehicles have the cheapest lease deals currently?

Looking for a cheap commuter on a 36/39 month 12K miles. Deal must be available in Michigan.
Other than a damn Smart car or Fiat 500, what cars have the best lease deals on them at this time (sub $200 pm on a sign and drive)?
Can be SUV or Sedan.
Have seen Buick Encore and Terrain so far. Also looked at Jeep Compass and Renegade but deals not as good as GM. Toyota doesn’t have great deals (Even a Yaris is more expensive that the Encore), BMW (can’t find a loaner /demo anywhere near some of the recent 4 series Hackr deals). Haven’t tried Kia/Hyundai yet…

You’ll have better luck on this thread, or hiring a broker

I’m not looking for specific deal info - (I’ll do the running around myself - I don’t use brokers). I just want to know if fellow hackrs know which vehicles /manufacturers have the best deals going on generally right now. If mods can move it, please do. Thanks.
EDIT - have copied to Marketplace forum. Mods please delete this thread. THANKS.