Which of these 5 SUVs lease best?


My current Hyundai Santa Fe Limited Ultimate lease is up in September and I’m trying to narrow the field for our next car. The following are my current 5 favorites (for a slew of different reasons, I know they represent quite a range). Looking for some input as to whether some of these models lease better than others:

Volvo XC90
Hyundai Palisade
Infiniti QX60
Land Rover HSE
Kia Telluride

We’d want the top or near top trim on each of these, must haves are sunroof, heated steering wheel, adaptive cruise control, 360 camera, second row captains chairs or a center seat that folds down on its own, 3rd row.
Our current lease is $399/mo, we put $900 down inc first month. (no tax in NH)
Want to be between $400-600/mo (with less than $1000 down) on our next lease for 12k/yr.

I don’t know that I have a favorite per se, whichever has the best value and stays in our range would probably win out over the others.

Thanks in advance!

Have you gotten the MF/RV/incentives of each to help you get an estimate on how each leases?


There is a search function at the top. You can find previous deals for all those vehicles.


Correct answer. But if we’re just being asked to spit in the wind:

  1. Infiniti QX60 (you get what you pay for)
  2. Volvo XC90
  3. Hyundai Palisade
  4. Kia Telluride
  5. Land Rover HSE

What do I win? :eyes::cookie:

(obviously a joke and YMMV)

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wouldn’t they all change month by month? or do they not vary that much?

They all change every month. You have to run the numbers to see how they are leasing this month, where you live (or in some cases plan to take delivery).

Volvo or Infiniti

You’ll get a lot of “read the forum” comments on here - which is fine. Simple answer, get the Volvo, best price for the quality of vehicle.

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Within the Sub 600 payment range, the only one you could get the “top” trim on is the Infiniti.

However you can get all of those options with a T6 Momentum Volvo.

The others are out of the price range and/or don’t lease as well.

If you’re in NH, I would be more than happy to broker a Volvo.


Thanks for the simple answer sledbeagle. I’ve tried reading through individual posts and they are usually incredibly specific and hard to follow (for a newbie). Is it possible to get an upper trim Volvo for under $600/mo do you think?

I wouldn’t think about trim so much

Think about the must haves and if the mid level volvo trim achieves that, which is does, you’re good to go


I’d consult the experts on that - I’m not too familiar with the trim levels on this car

Id honestly go with the Palisade, for all the technology and luxury for the price. Its a no brainwr

thanks Boston, I was reading some of your posts also and was thinking of reaching out in a couple months! or is it better to start sooner than later?

Purchase price maybe. It leases like shit.


Hands down the telluride/palisade lease the absolute worst in its segment.



A month out is great

As someone currently leasing a palisade, the XC90 is a much better value.


Found this while browsing. Is this a deal that could possibly be worked into a good lease? It says it’s a CPO with 7k miles… or do dealers not lease CPO cars?


You’ll want to ask the dealer if it’s actually a cpo or if it’s a demo. Often times demos get miscategorized as cpo on sites that don’t have a demo option.

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