Where have all the good deals gone?

So I admit that I’m not a regular frequent flyer here, but I do check in from time to time and certainly a fair bit before each lease. But it seems like there aren’t many good deals out there right now. Am I missing something? Are dealer inventories that low?

My current lease is up in about 6 months, so I’ve started my research and I’m concerned that I’m either going to be stuck in a Camaro for $300/mon or an X1 loaner for $600/mon.

Any thoughts on where (or when) the deals are in the fun car category for $400-$550/mon? Dare I say convertible? How about ‘NO’ to a 4-cyl?


I feel your pain, but the Camaro in question is a V8… And while the program is different I’m pretty confident that those target numbers might be doable on the convertible version, although I haven’t really checked for myself.

When I checked, the convertible has a lower residual and higher MF if I’m not mistaken

MF is the same. 4 point residual drop.


You’re not missing anything. Deals are few and far between. Decent deals from yesteryear are almost unicorns now


But even in the good times this was unrealistic if you’re looking for 440i, S5, Mustang GT, etc convertibles

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Extend your 440i for as long as possible.


If this helps get the noggin jogging… Sample deal for a 455 HP V8 LT1 convertible in NJ with conquest. Not bad!

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Not the answers I was hoping for… but I appreciate them.

I asked BMW about extending and they said no problem for up to 2 months at same payment, but anything after that would be a new payment amount, but she wasn’t able to give me any insight into what that might be until I get closer to the end of my current term.

Does anyone have experience with extending their BMW lease and how the numbers work out. I suppose the payment would be a bit different than it is now…

You had an INSANELY good deal on that 440i. I’m struggling with finding a good lease on BMW. One dealer I spoke to said that BMW has slowly been taking things away and good deals on leases have been getting progressively worse over the years. Makes me very sad but apparently, people are willing to pay…

Sub $100 Leaf lease?

Few brokers out there that have them.

He asked about FUN cars. Leaf? The most fun would be looking at the monthly statements. :slight_smile:


g-d bless you.

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I tried to do that once a few years ago. I dont recall the exact numbers, but suffice to say the payments past the “free” extension were so awful, even the BMWFS rep said something along the lines of “we usually dont recommend customers doing this”.

Ill be doing the same on my 430 at its $135 payment…will get on my knees and beg/plead/sob (insert any other pitiful emotion here to try and obtain success) for more than the additional 2 months, but Im not expecting it.

You never know what will pop up 6 months from now or how programs will be…

Yes, the $200 3 series days are over but if you plan ahead you’ll get a good idea what to target. If plan on sticking with BMW, planning ahead with rebates/loyalty and targeting a highly discounted loaner can still yield a decent payment (relative to MSRP)

Don’t just shop the payment, see if the car you lease actually works for your needs and you actually like the car.

But, its only $99/mo!


It’s also January. (Not exactly the most incentivized month for corporate to juice lease plans.)

Here’s hoping that within a month or two, some more of those unicorns might come out to play… and some stronger plans will too.


Idk dude, this is the best january I have seen in the 4 years I’ve been doing this…there are deals out there.

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@YourLeaseConsultant is offering some incredible deals on BMW loaners and is the individual who I got my amazing 5 series lease from. I know the loaners he is offering might not itch your “fun” factor, but I figured I would plug the magic man himself who scored my deal for me.

Good luck!

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