Where do you invest your money?

I find it quite the opposite, because the people with wealth are very mindful about the image they project. The aspirational elite are usually wearing stuff that is more a wink and a nod to their wealth rather than clothing that have huge brands plastered all over them. Did you know the iconic black turtleneck Steve Jobs wore were ~$300 and designed by Issey Miyake? Those ‘casual’ polo shirts I’ll see other guys wearing at Saturday brunch are usually Percival or Sunspel. While picking up the kids at school, the dad driving the beatup Prius is wearing $300 Japanese selvedge denim jeans and has a 911 turbo in the garage for the weekends.

Compare these two t-shirts

At first glance they are two black t-shirts. However, the first one is $20 (uniqlo) and the second one is $120 (outlier). These are the signals that people will miss walking past a guy in the streets.

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Everyone is scamming you but you’re happy because your cost of living is the same. Got it.

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And yet 99% of people cannot tell a difference between the two shirts

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Sure, there’s difference in the materials and cut and finish, but to the untrained eye they will look quite similar. And that’s the whole point! Its a signal of wealth to those that recognize and background noise to people that don’t. And for people in that wealth bracket, they probably don’t want to be associated with the people in the second group.

Correct. Philly politics where I left from we’re also a scam/majorly corrupt. That’s what happens when the dollar fiat system is coming to an end. Happened in many empires in the past, at the end the “elite” raid the treasury while keeping the proles occupied with bread and circus. Nothing new under the sun. Might as well live somewhere you’re happy at

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That descended quickly…

You made a point about insurance being expensive/unavailable, I said it’s due to scams not sure how it’s related to Philly or anything else, it’s a free market no one is scamming you it’s the system that needs fixing and I believe desantis started on it but likely distracted now.

Banks don’t want to lend without insurance is a scam ?

Reading too much Dalio?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: as long as we are the biggest economy, strongest military, worlds reserve currency, then inflation can hurt us but not kill us there’s simply nowhere else for the money to relatively inflate. If any of these changes mostly the last one then we in trouble

That first shirt looks like it’s been through the wash 100 times and accidentally through the dryer thanks to your mother-in-law being in town and insisting on “helping out around the house” despite your pleas to not take on house duties and ruin your chore system, only to discover it was run through the dryer behind your back then subsequently stretched back out while wet in a poor attempt to conceal the error but by that time it’s far too late, the damage is done and it’ll never be the same again.

Or, ya know… something like that


Sounds like a first hand experience?

What, me? Oh, no… I’m just a really good story teller.



I dont invest my money in housing in this market. Yes insurance is a necessary evil but it’s far from a free market if you know how Fannie and Freddie actually operate.

A true test of a good t-shirt is how well it keeps its shape after a wash. I admit, I’ve gone through way too many brands to find a t-shirt from a brand that I like the fit and cut and doesn’t shrivel up like bacon after a wash cycle.

Washing isn’t be issue. Never dry, gotta hang it



Don’t put your money in t-shirts.


Oh No!!


Looks like the US is going to collapse just like the USSR /s.


please god

Everyone knew this would happen. None of us “bears” said this was going to be the colllapse. They solved nothing however.


USSR wasn’t biggest and strongest economy in the world and the reserve currency for every country


Shhhh. Permabears are certain Chinese Yuan will become the reserve currency any day now…

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sweet dreams

One thing we’re positive of is the dollar will continue to lose value. That’s been a steady drop since 1913 coincidentally when a bunch of rich guys met in secret on an island off the coast of Georgia.