Where did you get your X3 M40i Loaner From?

I am in the market for another vehicle. We can’t swallow another $600+ payment on a new one so we are looking for a service loaner/demo one. I am having difficulties getting any dealer’s attention. I have found a few in the DMV area but they are giving a discount of only 13% on a loaner. I have contacted 9 dealerships across the nation. I have seen many other members getting up to 20%! Am I doing something wrong? I have contacted a few brokers on here but they ave slim pickings on a loaner for given reasons. I just want to know where other members have gotten their loaner vehicles from so maybe I can contact a dealership willing to play ball!

My end goal is to get a M40i with an MSRP around $64K for under $500 (pre-tax)


Easy. Get down to earth and get X3 30i if you really need something for a growing family for under $500 and not to show off


Those are no fun to drive. It isn’t about showing off, we already have a slow ass hybrid in the household. Thank you for your input though :slight_smile:

Edit: 30i and M40i isn’t far too off from lease payments due to the lease credit by BMW. I seen brokers on here post better numbers on M40i vs 30i.

Growing family + tight budget <> “fun to drive”.
Payments maybe close on both but M40 is rarer car hence harder to get the same discount + loaner
But good luck, anyway


Didn’t say tight budget, I said… cannot swallow another $600+ payment. That is why I made this thread to see how others are doing it or getting their deals from. If I wanted to be integrated, I would just talk to my wife about it :slight_smile:

I meant tight for M40

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One can only hope!

Paul with @stellarauto just posted this loaner x3 m40i today …

Yes messaged him but not optioned as well. I know it’s achievable but maybe I might have to step foot into an actual dealer for them to bite :weary:

Just be patient, if you can. I’ve seen a few popping up with brokers, but they don’t come around as much as the regular 30is.

Yup. I guess I have to wait it out till sometime pops up. I wish there was a BMW of Annapolis connect on here cause they got 4 perfect loaners but aren’t budging on pricing. Selling it at new prices vs loaners with bigger discount

One of them I am looking at. He’s offering 13% off and I want 17%…

I want 24% off an m40i but that ain’t happening.

If you’re in a hurry I’d aim for 14-16% off a new vs. demo. With the residual hit of a loaner, coupled with the $500 CCA rebate for a new, you may end up at the same payment with less farts.

Edit: emphasis on “aim for.”


Sorry: that (~$600) is about what they’re going on a great deal unless you get a stripper model.

Even our own 64K example wound up just under $600/mo qualifying for every incentive save for graduate and military. Raise your budget or lower your expectations.


Lol. If only we could pick our payments on specific cars instead of being realistic. :joy:


Yeah, this isn’t realistic at all. On a base one, I could see that payment, not on a loaded 64k one.

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14-16% pre rebates on a new one?

If you’re in a hurry?



Key word, aim for. Guess I should’ve added in some markets.

For 2020s I’ve gotten some compelling discounts but I’m in a very competitive market with many dealers in the trade area so YMMV.

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Personally, I think you’re setting improper expectations for an m40.

If you’ve been able to do that on hot models, I praise you for the achievement, but these are the types of replies that make people expect the unexpected.

You can aim for anything you like, just like OP is doing, but being realistic is critically important.

You wrote, “if you’re in a hurry aim for 14-16% on a new one,” implying that’s both doable and not difficult to achieve.


Also incentives declined in many regions for the 2019 X3/X4 m40s this month