Where can I sell my Audi Q7 with a busted engine. HELP!

The engine finally blew up :joy:
Audi is covering the engine replacement after back and fourth for months at $27,000
Car was always serviced at the dealer

@sam_bans it was a 2017 q7


4 banger or v6? I don’t trust 4-bangers

Gotta go with the underpowered v-8 gx460 engine if buying


It’s the 3.0 v6 same as the OP

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Holy f**** that’s a lot.

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Retail. That repair won’t cost Audi $27k and they write it off as a loss anyway.


Did it still have any warranty on a 2017? I am concerned our 2018 2.0 will blow up!

That’s a different motor.

Yes it is. Does that mean only the 3.0 has this issue?