Where can I sell my Audi Q7 with a busted engine. HELP!

so i have a 2017 Audi Q7 3.0T PP+ with about 73k miles on it - that has been regularly maintained and well kept. All of a sudden, one of the cylinders started misfiring while on cruise control on freeway. started as a simple diagnosis to replace spark plug/ignition coil etc. But now, 2 different mechanics (including one at Audi dealership) have looked at it and both said that one cylinder has lost all compression and is beyond repair. I need a whole new engine block!!

Dealership is quoting $30k+ to put in a new engine. checked around - even used engines from totaled/accidental cars are being sold for $8-9k. Labor would be on top of this. I am hesitant to put so much money into a 7 year old car with 73k miles on it.

Question to this community - I would like to cut my losses here and sell the car as-is. Who typically buys such cars. Is there a Carvana/Vroom equivalent for such cars who sell it for parts etc?

just looking for options (and eventually a new car , never getting into an Audi again for sure!).

Thanks in advance.

Not sure where but on CoPart running salvage 2017 Q7s are going for 20k. Yours might not even crest 10k.



At your mileage, these are going between 25-30k at dealers.

No doubt this really sucks. You can always try to sell to an online shop. Maybe their mechanic doesn’t diagnose it for a new engine, and you get lucky (15k).

What did the Indy shop quote?

so looking at ebay/ car-part.com , just the body panels themselves would be worth $10k, headlight assembly and taillight assembly is going for $2k each. that is how i came up with that (fairly optimistic I admit) figure of $30k in my head.

Repair estimate - Indy shop is also asking $5k for labor on top of engine (which is ard $8-9k).

Anyways, Carvana says they don’t take non-drivable cars. Vroom only quoted $4k for it.

at a complete loss what to do here.

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if you’re the original owner and have done your maintenance at an Audi dealer, try asking for goodwill assistance by talking to your service advisor/director and calling Audi corporate. They might help at least partially.


on a 6 model year old car? They might give him a few percent off. They aren’t footing 30k in engine work though.


Ebay is going to take 12% a little less with higher priced items once you hit price breaks, also, its going to take forever to part out a car, time to dismantle, shipping etc. A quick glance at the prices you quoted they are super optimistic for ebay after fees and actual selling price you are look at 50-70% of that number.` I flip high-end residential fixtures on eBay. you are going to incur so many hidden costs between time (don’t break any tabs), fees, bad buyers, and stress it is not worth it. With no extended warranty you are SOL.

The Indy shop price ain’t horrible. you can sell it once it is fixed or drive it. You were unlucky and learning why extended warranties exist.


They might instruct the dealer to sell the parts at cost and use warranty labor rates, then again they could also offer “trade in assistance” towards a new car.


Relative has a 2017 q7 with 45k miles with blow engine too
That thing has been in the shop way too many times
It leaked oil since day 1

They currently fighting with Audi to fix it

bUt I lOvE mY aUdI


LKQOnline LKQ has engines listed for under $6k. They have jobber pricing too so your local shop can probably get for a little less. Edit: they don’t have the 3.0 listed. Might have success calling them.


thanks everyone for chiming in and all the support.

my question is really if there is a way to sell this as is at a reasonable price and not throwing it away for $4-5k. I really don’t want to go through the engine replacement route and prefer to stop bleeding right here.

Outside of throwing an ad up on Craigslist and hoping to get lucky…no.

Define reasonable price…what are you looking to get out of it?

LKQ buys cars & they’re nationwide. You can also sell direct to Copart, there’s an online form you can complete on their website.

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So you don’t want to go the replacement engine route and invest that money into a car with 75K as it is risky, but you want to sell it to someone who will have to do just that.

If you sell it in this condition, it is a distressed asset and anyone buying it is going to price that risk into it.

I think you know your choices, sell it for 4K and cut losses, or invest the ~$14K and drive it or dump it, but there is no magic wand here.


Another perspective…

I had an E500, which I bought used with 30,000 miles and put on almost 110,000 more over the course of ~9 years.

I dumped $8k into repairs in just one summer.

Setting aside $200 a month over 9 years would have covered over $16,000 in repairs, and I’m certain I didn’t spend that.

Meanwhile the car spent most of its time with me on the flattest part of the depreciation curve, and I had no car payment for 6ish years.

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Donate it and write part of it off on your taxes. Probably the easiest if you can find a 501c that will take non-operating vehicles

Get a limo license, get it repaired, and then write that off as a loss


Next time lease the Germans and for me that’s a lot of miles especially without warranty. Try posting the suv on multiple websites.

If OP were to go that route, here a few suggestions:

  1. Disclose the engine issue. Be honest.
  2. Set a list price that will drive traffic to your ad, but also make you whole (only you knows that number).
  3. Do not overprice your car. You are pretty much selling it for parts.

In the meantime, either look into financing a new Toyota/Honda/Lexus or check out lease deals that financially make sense.

My $0.02.

Try posting the suv on multiple websites.

other than Craigslist and FB Marketplace, any others that you recommend/suggest.


I would look into Facebook groups for Audi’s. No doubt there are some mechanics and/or mechanically inclined people on there who might be interested in taking it off your hands.

Other than that, maybe try Bring a Trailer or Cars and Bids? I have no idea their policy on running/driving though. Seems like one mans junk is another mans treasure on those sites. Last option may be to donate the car to an organization that will accept it. Wipe your hands of it and take the fair market value as a tax deduction.