Where can I sell my Audi Q7 with a busted engine. HELP!

all - to give an update on this one for those who have been curious :wink:

I decided to get it repaired myself for $9k - got a new cylinder head, all new injectors, intake & exhaust valves, gaskets etc, Didn’t need a new engine block (which is what Audi tech at the dealership recommended). I plan to keep it myself at least for the time being.

I figured cost of replacing this one with another (newer) Audi/German would be much much more than repairing this itself.

like someone said above - there was no easy answer here. I am just happy to get this back on the road.


so was there something wrong with the head?

Good luck. Hope the repair does the trick and that the car is trouble free for at least a few yrs!

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yes, bad injector caused the intake valve to break down. debris got in and scratched the head loosening the seals.

That is all i could understand from the mechanic. :laughing:


@sam_bans thankful for your post because this JUST happened to us a week ago, 2017 3T Prestige Q7. HELPPPP!!! We are in Charlotte and can’t find anyone who really wants to take this repair on and have quoted us $15k minimal to drop a new engine. Plan is to try to do a similar fix as you did and trade it in immediately! Our vehicle is financed and we owe $30k, now facing a total loss. How does Audi get away with this?!!!

What do you mean

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Maybe worth googling to see if there’s been any goodwill from Audi and also whether any law firm is trying to put together a class action against this

I have a family member with a 2017 and they just submitted docs to a law firm lol good luck with that :joy:


glad you got it repaired, and not to the extent initially quoted

now do yourself a favor and shop extended warranties, as it is almost certain something else will happen. german vehicles have a domino effect lol

Extended factory warranty ship has sailed. You could get a 3rd party warranty, but odds are you’ll have a difficult time if there’s any further motor issues.

I am sure that extended warranty won’t be cheap for a 6+ year old car with 73k miles on the odometer that recently had an engine repair.


Do you mind sharing more details? What car, what issue, which law firm? I would love to become part of one if possible

What region are you in, I know a mechanic in AZ that is small/local and buys blown cars and fixes them up/sells them.

Lots of remanufactured engine places nationwide that you can search Google for. A good indy shop and a good block would be half the cost of a dealer.

Before you do anything do yourself a favor and go where the Audi peeps are on audizine.com, make an account and ask on the Q7 forum and elsewhere as that engine has been used in different models.

Pretty sure they are going to lose
Audi going to be like you never serviced the car based on the service guidelines good bye!

I’ll visit this when there’s a decision

VW/Audi lost the 1.8t class action IIRC.

This thread reminds me why I would never buy an Audi.

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German Precision Engineering: starts breaking down the day after the warranty expires.

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Is this the turbocharged or supercharged 3.0 for these years? I haven’t heard of these types of failures on the 3.0 from Audi. Real bummer.

Precision engineering of your money out of your wallet. :joy: