When getting quote for lease from online dealers?

When requesting quotes online from dealers for a lease I have heard the dealers pull a bait and switch to get you in. Example they quote a MB GLA which I built on Edmunds site and they will provide the best quote. Once I get the quote whos to say when I go to the dealer they wont give the excuse we just sold that but I can get you in this car/truck? What do I need to ask to ensure the one I get quoted isnt going anywhere? Thanks

If you have no deposit, or at least a signed agreement on a unit, there is no reason for a dealer to keep it for you. The quote would typically have the VIN and/or stock unit number, specifying which vehicle.

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This is what I have from what they unlocked online. I am waiting for internet dept to confirm if this is the bottom line price and checking other sites to see any better. Anything else I should know before locking in deal. thanks

I mean, the numbers appear “correctly”. Would I call it a good deal? No. There isn’t one ounce of discount, rebate, incentive, etc. and it is full MSRP. You would be paying ~$700/mo (effective) on a sub-$46K GLA - that seems insane to me, be just my two cents.

Also, the doc fee of $500… :sweat_smile:

Thanks I am looking for other offers to see how they compare. This was my first quote. I don’t think any dealer giving incentives now, discount, rebate but I asked them to see what they say.

Would you be able to factory order a vehicle or do you “have” to take one off of a lot? Inventory units are going to be very difficult to get any sort of deal on.

You also have to approach the dealer with “this is what I will pay”, not asking how much they are willing to profit from you.

Dealerships are not your friends. Don’t forget their smile is contingent on you handing that check over.

Internet quotes mean nothing nowadays until confirmed by a person, with a deposit paid.

So an internet quote does nothing then if they give me a good quote can’t I put a deposit test drive and if like continue with deal or get deposit back and go elsewhere?

That depends on the dealer/state.

One strategy would be to test drive the cars you are considering before making an offer or requesting a quote. That way you’ve narrowed down what your looking for first.

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There’s a very slim chance any dealer would have the exact build you created on Edmunds in-stock.

Maybe. Maybe not.

There’s also a lot more to a better lease than just discount. Either higher RV and/or lower MF.

What have you found in the Marketplace section for vehicles like the GLA?

I havent found anything in marketplace for GLA deals in NY for Nov or even for Audi Q3.
I already test drove both and love them both just looking to pay low month payments similar to my current C class which I traded in a 08 c class and pay $375/month. What I found so far is 5-600 month which I am trying to get into the 4s.

In my vast search for 2 vehicles I find a dealer who is willing discuss numbers via email or text is the one I want to deal with, providing that the quote they give me lines up with the lease program, via edmunds. I also know if you see a great lease deal from say Chevy on the LT1 Camaro, the 2 options you have stink. One, you pay the extra price on top of the MSRP, which pretty much negates the good lease deal, even at MSRP the deal has a stench to it. 2, you order one, wait 4-6 months and are the mercy for whatever lease programs are available when the car is delivered. If I had to pick one, I wouldn’t.

What makes you think this is a reasonable price target for the current market?

I know the current market I will paying more to lease. I have been negotiating via email on the GLA to see who can give better figures. I have been doing the same with Audi and eliminate the ones no where near edmunds as well as ones that charge for uneccessary fees that others don’t.

You’re going to have to drastically enlarge your search and show a lot more flexibility to hit or get closer to that target.

Like slightly larger and smaller CUVs like the Volvo XC40 and Acura RDX segments and the compact premium sedan segment like the Acura ILX, A-class and 2-series.

what about the 1% rule of MSRP?

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Lol there is no 1% rule. Some people refuse to pay more than 1% of msrp on monthly payments and view that as a benchmark for what a “good” deal is. Some cars will be impossible to get to 1% so you have to figure out what car you like and find what payments will look like in this current market.