When do we cut off / disable accounts of SPAM Brokers like CaliforniaLeaseDeals

@michael @littleviolette I’m tired of checking out the site at night in the early part of a month, and seeing nothing but SPAM Ads from CaliforniaLeaseDeals. See screenshot below where they do nothing but make a slight edit to their ads to get it on top of the message list.

If they posted decent deals like many other brokers, their ads would be relevant and stay active by themselves, but when 10 ads have ZERO responses and all edited within minutes of each other, it just nothing but spamming the forum. I’ve complained about this before and so have others, its about time we do something to moderate this, or disable abusive accounts like theirs.


100% agree with @CaptQ on this. @CaliforniaLeaseDeals has already been warned about such actions in the past too, yet he continues to do perform such tactics to bump his threads.


I do not agree.

They’re posting their deal and she/he pays to be a registered dealer on this site.

If you don’t like the deal or his business practice then scroll past it.


Gonna help you out here…


We spent hours typing these the last few days with many recent deals


Will you send a photo of how many bottles of cologne you have obtained?


I am actually more intrigued at what the bar looks like… :laughing:

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My frustration was the day he kept posting a lease transfer on his various post and kept re-bumping himself.

Whoever wrapped the car in the “Java Green” color was the real crime


I don’t like this either but it’s it with the rules of engagement?:smiley:
As far as I remember brokers are allowed one thread per brand per month.
Some just choose to create one thread per month for all the brands combined.

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We are here to bring deals forward to the community
Appreciate the engagement of all
On a daily basis we work on getting deeper deals and even better discounts on brands

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It’s not the number of threads he has, it’s the fact that he makes meaningless edits/updates or replies to his own thread just to bump it to the top of the list. He bumped 7 ad threads within 7min, just to get them ontop of the board. Also notice those same 7 have zero replies, which indicates the members aren’t engaging on his deals.

He can have 25 ads for all I care, since they are mostly bad deals, they will disappear quickly to the bottom of the list, but literally every ad he opened in the month of October, occupied the entire first 1.5 pages of my screen last night, and it happens that way often.

It’s an abusive behavior, and while he does pay to play, I think there should be rules in place to limit or discourage this type of behavior. Most forums have rules of conduct, even for paying members, I’m asking the mgmt to consider if there’s ways to address this tactic.

What if every paid broker did the same, it would become a big mess.


I didn’t get this statement until I looked at his threads. Who the hell asks for cologne or alcohol as a broker fee? Things have obviously changed a bit on this forum since I was last on :joy:

+1 here to drop the banhammer. They spam ads and don’t add anything for the community.


I think it takes me 2 years to use a bottle of cologne


You’re doing it wrong then. When someone walks into a room 45 minutes after you’ve left how do they know you were there?


Me to. I thought the cologne and booze thing was a joke. He is serious about that? You know you can buy booze and cologne with cash right? Why not ask for that?

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I have 15 bottles now and I can’t stop buying more. This shit is addicting.


Maybe it makes sense if you have different colognes, but he’s asking for one kind which makes me think that he uses a very large volume of cologne?

And he replied to someone asking, definitely looks like hes serious lmao

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Maybe they just didn’t wanna list a dollar amount or preferred to keep it off the books.


He may use a bottle a day, what I don’t get is what possible reason there could be for not just asking for money like every other broker on the planet. With said money he can buy any number of bottles of cologne he chooses.


This reminds me, does anyone know if cologne ever goes bad? I have Hugo Boss that I bought when I was in college, about 18 years ago, yet it is still strong.

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