What would you buy for $10k?

Lol. I’m from medellin and there are a bunch of old land cruisers to import

Full of coke in the body panels :joy:

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Medellin is such an awesome city. Always love being down there.

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Another good one. Has the car ever been in an accident and is the carfax/autocheck clean? My buddy with Manheim log in checks the autocheck, not 1, not 2, not 3, YES, not even 4, but 5 ACCIDENTS on the report.

You can’t make it up

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car slamming GIF

Picked up a 1 owner 2007 Cadillac Escalade with 148K miles. Car is in good condition, just a rip on the one captains chair which I can get fixed but probably won’t. Also, needs 2 tires up front. $6500.

Will drive it all winter and can probably make $1K easy or more.


Solid find! Sure sounds like you’d be able to come out on top.

How’d you find the listing? Facebook Marketplace?

Books around $10 or so - so should be good even if I need to do anything to it beyond this. Found it through a friend actually when I made a post on my social media, it was a neighbors car. Just bought a new Denali to replace it, 2023.

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That’s the best kind of buy…congrats!

Congrats on the new ride!

Newest tires always belong on the back.

You can rotate the current rears to the front if it’s a square setup.


Gloria stayed under $10k. Y’all missed out. lol.


Congrats on the sale! Looking forward to future cars you bring in. Hopefully can snag something for myself :slight_smile:

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Someone got a good deal
I hope you were in the green


I think he did pretty well on this, @Qbrozen congrats on the first sale of your dealership! Best of luck


thanks for the support!
Yup, did just fine on the sale. Not as fine as a TRX flip, but definitely more fun, less stress, and better % return by a mile.

State is dragging their feet on my Pajero title. As much as I want to keep that one, I think I have to let it go. Wife is getting antsy about the crowded driveway.


Waiting on my SD title and they said they are backed up from their supplier til February for a damn paper….

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He definitely isn’t overcompensating for anything

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Ugh. That’s where I grew up. My parents, sister, & nieces still live there.