What would you buy for $10k?

Not a good choice IMO, their motors are largely the reason why MazdaSpeed and the CX-7 are more or less deleted from the US market. That motor was their first mass produced DI engine WITH a turbo and boy did we pay a price on that. Even with a mostly strong maintenance history these engines do not respond well at all to neglect and suffered from LSPI quite often. I don’t recall them even coming back with a turbo based engine until the latest 3 came with it.

sauce: myself, I bought a first year new MazdaSpeed3 and datalogged the crap out of it.

Low-Speed Pre-Ignition: What Is It And How To Prevent It? - Valvoline.

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Awd turbo :fire:

The second gen Mazdaspeed3 (2010-2013) and then the 2016+ CX9

Gen two was largely a carryover of the first gen, drivetrain wise.

Missed the memo on the CX-9, overlooked on my part.

Picked up my 09 Buick Lacrosse Cxl.

It was fun listening to the radio for first time in years.

Clean as a whistle and quite invigorating actually turning a key to start it versus a push button of current years.

The 3800 v6 just purrs underneath.

Battery replaced and brake fluid changed. $7590 all in with registration and taxes, and the cost of the PPI.

Looking forward to seeing how many miles I can get on this.


Congrats! Glad to see this thread has helped out a couple people


Sounds like it’s been maintained well and engine/trans should last almost forever if you keep up with regular maintenance … honestly even the cosmetics don’t look bad for a $1,500 car

There’s stuff that just languishes, and there’s the stuff that’s gone in less than a day.

2004 Accord EX 5MT with 85k miles for sub $4,000


I’m about to check out a 2003 Accord EX on Monday with 130K miles listed at $4800.
Seems like a solid choice. My car got totaled two weeks ago and is the worst time to buy a car.

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You can get you a Crown Vic for the same mernie :sunglasses:


Not everyone wants a CV or MGM though.

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Searching LH interface for block button