What would you buy for $10k?

Yeah something doesn’t smell right. You sure there isn’t something amiss? Off the top of my head:

  • used in the commission of a crime.
  • stolen
  • something illicit stored in or under the car
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It’s from a cousin from a a family member
Dealer was gonna give them $500 on trade
And they posted on fb before they traded in and that’s how I got it


Those are all grey areas though….

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A lot of the ads shared here aren’t actually that far off their pre-pandemic values. For example a sub-100k mile 7th generation Corolla would have still cost $3-3.5K before. And this is not a segment of the market that’s been cornered by the online disrupters, nor would it benefit from their bankruptcy.

This seems more like cherry-picking rather than an accurate assessment of the entire thread.


Good deal

Diving covid I picked one up with 28k miles for 7k from the original owner

Someone on here has a nice mr2
Made me want one
This seems very reasonable

Too good to be true?

Vin is there to run a carfax see if it’s true
Phone number is an actual cellphone number not a text plus number tied to Verizon
When I searched the number it’s linked to a production company here in so cal
Seems real

TJ with low miles on cape cod, love it!

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based on the visible rust, I can only imagine what is going on underneath

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My first thought when I heard Cape Cod.

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Can you post the link?

It’s gone :eyes:

No way that was real.

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I need to start looking, have some family friends looking for something aroun $6k

This is great. They forgot to mention the part where they rob you and steal your car when you come to pick it up!


Advise them to spend sub $4,000 and bank 2k+ just in case something major like a transmission needs to be replaced in like 3 months.

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Who was the guy looking for a Supra


Edit it was : @BigNerd it’s not that far from you either

$500 finders fee