What to get now as I wait for BMW redesign

I’m in a bit of a pickle. I’d like to lease a BMW 3 series, but I might as well wait for the nextgen. Also, the C300 (the natural alternative) is being refreshed so that’s not an option. Does it make sense to lease a Civic SI, Golf GTI, Focus ST, or WTX until the BMWs and MBs are ready? The idea is to have a decent daily driver while I wait. Do any of these makes have 24-month leases? Do any lease better than others? I appreciate the advice.

Why not lease a loaner 320i, won’t be much more than any of those cars, none of those cars lease well.

I haven’t heard many good things about the 320i. It seems like the models I suggested might actually perform better?

Also, I thought the Civic SIs leased well. Pretty sure the RV is high.

or do a short term lease assumption

+1. Lease assumption between 12-25 months

Get something from swapalease if your looking short term, might as well a 3 series. Civic is not transferable so stay away from honda or Acura if you will lease a new one. I dont think the focus st lease that well.

Have you seen the Civic, what’s all that crap hanging off the side, that thing looks terrible.

I havent been a fan of honda ever since they started pushing the CVT. And now seems like there all for turbo and no NA v6…

What’s a lease assumption?

I appreciate the help, guys. I’m open to suggestions. My wife goes back to work from maternity leave soon, so I need to make this happen. With daycare and everything, we need 2 cars although we used to survive with one.

swapalease google it

Seems like there’s a lot of risk. What if the original lessee messed something up?

Taking over a lease does sound risky, at lease return time you are liable for everything that may be wrong with the car, you may end up having to put new tires on it, fix various things, pay the lease termination fee, etc.
It’s probably doable and I’m sure many people do it, but it requires extra care.

@wheelz, that’s the stuff I’m afraid of

Maybe my list helps you (or confuses you even more …). Also coming off a BMW lease and not sure what to get next.

Bud just find local area deals on swapalease as well. Might find a good IS deal.

Can you please talk a bit about the dangers of swapalease or point to some resources? Can you end up with a car that was in an accident and fixed and then you cannot return at the lease end?

Yeah, do we know anyone who’s had good or bad experience with swapalease? Sounds like an add level of complexity.

Ok i leased one last year from my sister. Guy was local and deal was too good to pass by. I personally met him after a half hr drive inspected the car myself and was in immaculate condition with new car smell (5500 miles). Since its a lease, everyone carries insurance so even if it did have an accident, I would ask if repairs were done at proper body shop and check paperwork. I know several people who have gotten cars from swapalease and havent heard of issues but yes, it will be good if you check thoroughly