What to do with my 2008 Porsche Cayenne S to get into a new lease

Because its a used car. If something breaks, you fix it. This is a list of what was fixed… Obviously not really a leasehackr topic…

You don’t have to replace worn brakes with Brembos.


Modifying varying elements of a car tends to completely throw it off balance and it’s actually challenging to tune properly. Thankfully, it’s not a turbo car so it’s not like it saw 25% or more boosted power.

But agree with your general sentiment, no real point to dumping money on more expensive parts, even if it was time to replace. Modified cars tend to drop in value or the seller needs to wait for the right buyer.

I used to dump money and time into my Jeep, but when both of kids were toddlers, I just didn’t have time anymore to work on cars. I’ve been leasing since, for myself and my wife. I’ll still plug a tire now and then to feel manly, but now spend all my time as an Uber driver for my two kids.

When you’re kids hit preteen, reliability is going to be more important than fun when it comes to transportation

Sorry buddy but you dont know Cayennes. Its actually the cheapest kit you can get on ebay… Shhhhhhhhhhhhh

Sorry but Its from a very well known company in Germany… Again… you guys are here to talk about leasing cars and I understand your lack of knowledge. I have always used my knowledge of working on cars to buy higher end used cars and wrench on them when something goes wrong with them, they are used cars so its going to happen. They always are great driving machines compared to a lot of whats out there. Im still sort of cringing at the thought of driving a Pathfinder… lol

I’ve worked on my own 991.1, in Germany, where I live.

Anyways, best of luck buddy. Probably worth 8k.


It sounds like you might be the best to know how to dump the current car.

As far as leasing goes, given your particular tastes and preferences I think it’s easier to identify a car you would like to lease and come back for help on how far you can get on it in your area. But also, if you particularly dislike dealers and the lease hassles, might just be be worth linking up with a local broker.

You too. I misread your post so my apologies. Germans and Americans are a little different. Tons of people do a lot of stupid things to cars here in America. I needed the Ecu reprogram because of the cat situation but I agree with your sentiments normally. 15yr old car so not much value… Company is FVD Brombacher.

Sound advice.

Universal cats don’t work on these cars?

Nope, There are some taiwanese ones Ive seen online but the short answer is no.

I assume scrapyard/used cats is not an easy find?

Just saying this cause I feel like the lack of cats will be a major issue if/when you end up wanting to part ways with the Cayenne.

You could sell it as is buy it could come back to haunt you if the buyer changes their mind or decides they want to make it your problem and report it to the authorities. Removing emissions equipment probably violates not only federal but also state mandates.

I’m not opposed to modified cars, but even my aftermarket CARB legal intake creates headaches for smog check here in CA.

Have fun in CA… if you can.

I also would delete that post and chill.

He’s just stating obvious. On the personal note it annoys me driving behind cars with no cats choking on those fumes like it’s the 1970s again.




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What car was that?

Because you dont know what you are doing. Try and have fun in CA

Doesn’t matter the vehicle if cats are removed they pretty much all emit noxious fumes especially so called “tuned” one’s that’s the reason we have those regulations in place. I even stopped modifying exhausts on my bikes because I got tired of the my ridding gear stinking like exhaust.