What to do with my 2008 Porsche Cayenne S to get into a new lease

To be clear to the pretentious… I have sports cats on the front… Same rear cats on the back. I didnt want to get technical but… Sports cats still throw a code… Only way to resolve it… I wont get into it though because the two of you are just a little well… not contributing to anything… Which Im sure isnt the first instance of this occuring in ones life. We could make this into a you think if you want but I dont think anyone else cares either.

No idea why you feel the need to demonstrate a sour attitude here.

And I’m having plenty of fun here in California, so thanks?




You can choose to ignore comments instead of getting into argumentative back-n-forths.

Back to the original topic.

What progress have you made finding a car that suits the needs of your family?

What progress have you made selling your Cayenne?


Just showing that they have nothing useful to offer to this thread… Its sort of a plague on the internet so I speak up about it when I see it because its lame and they need to know it. LOL. Peace out

You’re the only one that got called out here, bud.

It’s clear this thread was nothing more than a trolling attempt to start drama, not a legit effort to seek advice.

So with that

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OP has made his intentions clear.