What to do with my 2008 Porsche Cayenne S to get into a new lease

Problem with Cayenne, anything that needs to be ordered through the dealer will cost $$$. Looked at 2008-10 cayenne last year and you cannot even swap headlights from another Cayenne to fix old fixtures. Leave the car in the driveway too long and it will brick itself if battery died. Those v8 NA are good but like anything else, it has a shelf life, very expensive shelf life.

Yup been down that road. They have been around long enough to where you can get lots of good used parts, or use interchangeable parts from VW Toureg and Audi Q7… Everything besides cats. Two new cats were $5k… Ouch… Have german sports cats in now but they throw a code so I play a little game each time inspection is up. That shelf life is why Im looking to get out. Great car, nothing will compare to it in regards to driving experience. But Im rocking a valet key… I got replacement key fobs, all legit at a good price, Porsche told me even with the correct fob they order, its a 50/50 chance it will program… Found a guy who would guarantee it to work for $500 a fob. Getting those keys cut was interesting too. Its things like this that makes my wife go WTF and Im not in the position anymore to mess around. Second row captains chairs in a Pathfinder are sounding nice for 18months. LOL Send help

I can’t be the only one sitting here wondering wtf a cat is.


Gotta watch out for dem German Cats, they are Sharks in Disguise.

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I think it was sarcasm.

:man_facepalming:t3: Probably. I’m the worst with sarcasm in text or online.

@trism has probably driven more cars that I’ve even looked at in a lifetime. That includes car shows.


Running a test pipe? Did you junk the cats when you took them off?

I’d at least try to get aftermarket cats or something to make the car saleable. It’s a problem you’ll have to deal with eventually anyway.

I’d also recommend going with a Pathfinder 18-mo lease.

The real problem with the value, is 2 fold

  • The fast and furious ‘upgrades’ only lessen its value
  • And the high probability of bore scoring

Wasn’t aware bore scoring was a significant issue in the 4.8 engines. Thought the M96 carried that misuse, especially in colder climates due to poor cylinder head lubrication?

Got any pics of the Cayenne, been looking for one as a beater!

Are you beating your wallet?

Most prevalent in his year

Dump the wife, keep the car :grinning:

Perfect use case for one before the change to structural honing

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Oh jesus this is what I was thinking of doing. Car runs great Tons of work done to it. Not much left to do to the car. All wearable parts replaced. New brembo brakes, rotors, parking brake pads, all new coils, plugs, fuel pumps, various smaller items, new water pump, no vacuum leaks.

She doesnt mind if I get something else when I have the cash to play with. Have a few old Honda motorcycles stuffed away too lol An old MGB at my old mans… Its a disease. All for sale lol Send help

No scoring… Car runs good. With the ecu reprogram brings hp to 405 (GTS numbers) then the catless brings it up another +15hp - +25hp. Can still do secondary bypass pipes if you want for the rear cats. Take off Porsche Stability Management and put it in sports mode which is now sports+ and she goes. Sounds good too. Ecu program has ability to reprogram engine to run on 87 gas if you want. I have not done so.

Why are you dumping so much money into a car you’ll struggle to sell? You’re not getting any of that back.

The only people who’ll want it are people who’ll lowball you.

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