What large suv to get central Florida


Currently leasing a MB GLE and it’s just not big enough for my needs. Lease is coming due. I previously leased a GLC, before that Sequoia (loved it) .

I have a great volume dealer in Tampa who always has shown me their price on a car and paid me for equity left in lease etc. problem is the GLS 450 is just not that much bigger. And with the current market I really don’t know what to do after weeks of online research. I am willing to buy or lease but need something bigger.
I was debating buying or leasing a Sequoia knowing the new model is coming in 2023 and I might be able to make a better deal. Same with the Infiniti QX80. Both not big sellers in the segment so may be more reasonable MRSP
. BUT hate to leave my dealership I’ve been happy with. They have some used options for purchase but I also hate buying a car I’m not familiar with.
So for best bang for buck in a big suv what are the group’s recommendations?
Should I go down to the Tahoe and similar, or try to work a deal with the Toyota or Infiniti? Or stay with MB and buy a used GLS550? I even found some used BMWX7s.
Would appreciate opinions on the vehicles themselves as well as what leasing vs purchasing options are most advantageous right now.

Thanks in advance!!

I most likely would never purchase a German used anything, unless it is certified or has a fair remainder of the factory warranty. QX80s have historically never leased that well, though I love the vehicle.


How does the sequoia help you if the gls 450 is still too small both are literally the same length. If you want bigger you’ll basically be left with the American brands, Expedition, Yukon, Tahoe, Escalade etc

Get a Sienna.


What are your needs?

Driving 6 kids to school every day would beg a different solution than, say, delivering appliances.

Doesn’t seem like you would have been doing either in a GLC.

The Sequoia is 120 cu ft, the GLS is 85.

I have horses so do not need it to haul but am often driving around with a lot of equipment. No kids.

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So why are you even considering it? Just because you like the dealer? That doesn’t make any sense to me.

Also stay away from a brand new platform like a Tahoe/Sub. Go with a Sequioa or Expedition Max.

Left field ideas:

Nissan Frontier with camper shell.

Ford Transit or T Connect with no seats.

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Not considering a 450 but they have a low mileage used 550 which is 10 cu ft bigger.
I originally (years ago) contacted five MB dealerships in FL and this one was only to get me the numbers I asked for. No questions asked. They even said “no we aren’t making money off this sale but we’ll make it off the next person who walks in.” Leased two from them with easy transactions at price I researched was very good. Left with thousands in equity in both vehicles that they offered to roll into new car or just cut a check for. So yeah if I can find a vehicle I like thru them I would prefer it. It may not happen though in this climate we’ll see though. They are a volume dealer so equipped to make better deals.

Uhh, they are the same size. Only difference is the engine.

You’re gonna take a bath selling/trading a prior gen GLS out of warranty in a few years.

Besides it’s just not the right vehicle for your needs.

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I guess she’s referring to the previous body style but there must be some mistake as it’s smaller than the current MY 2020+ gen

I just read the specs on the site saying it was 95 cu ft and the 450 is 85. But if they have that wrong and they are same size then that helps that decision. I will ask when I talk to them thanks for heads up!

That’s helpful to know thank you.
I have leased cars for so long I’m out of the loop resale wise.
I only put 8000 if that a year on a car so have stuck to leasing but after reading through the forum was thinking leasing is not as advantageous in this climate.

Yukon XL or suburban are good choices. Rivard GMC in Tampa has some deals under MSRP if you want new.

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Grand Wagoneer?

I’d beg to differ on the Expedition, the 3.5 turbo seems to have issues, Tahoe/Sub with the 5.3/6.2 are tried and true, 2022 is second year for the GM’s. Resale on the GM products vs Ford is a big plus for GM’s too. @SarahH I’d take a hard look at the GM products, it’s the one thing GM does right, full-size SUV’s/trucks.


Thank you for the GMC info. My MB sales manager just emailed to say they have no stock and if I want a big suv under MSRP to look elsewhere. Points for honesty I guess I have some test driving to do.

What’s your budget?

I really like the updates to the new Armada and spec for spec, it’s pretty competitive with other full size SUV pricing.

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