What is the best end of lease strategy for a BMW


I live in Chicago and my BMW lease expires on 10/6. This is my first lease return and I’m looking for advice and best strategies to maximize my next lease deal.

I have questions and I’m considering the following…

Do I need to return the lease to same dealer as purchase?

If not, is it more effective to negotiate with multiple dealers and return the car to the dealer that has best deal?

Do I negotiate with other dealers and agree to buy from them, but still return to the same dealer as original purchase?

Should I just return it and then start the dealer review/negotiation (is loyalty and disposal credit available if I pursue this option)?

I know inventory is low so I’m thinking maybe I return the car and then wait until

You expert advice?


Welcome to LH! I’ll take on a few, but I’m sure others will soon chime in with all sorts of good advice! Make sure to read READ ME FIRST: Getting Started With Leasehackr Forum, as a number of common questions are answered right there (and the embedded links)!

Can depend on mfr, but with BMW, nope!

:eyes: that intro guide real quick… but generally you can keep the return and the new lease as separate transactions.

Loyalty is typically tied to having owned one of x vehicles in the preceding y months, so that should be unaffected.

Thanks! I will read.

I’m thinking returning, waiting for inventory to increase and competitive shop
a ton of dealers will give me the most leverage.


Deal separate, lease return matters much less.

Why would they care lol.

For 12 months afterwards, keep a copy of registration and insurance.

You again, have 12 months. I don’t have a crystal ball, I god damn wish I did.

Edit: Damn @phillydilles beat me to the punch while I was watching Peninsula (Awesome movie, we need to revive the what to watch thread), but all of his info is indeed correct. Give this cursory guide a read, you’re in illinois you might want to look into owner’s choice as a better method to leasing.

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Only thing I would add is before returning any lease check what it’s worth vs the buyout. You may have some equity in the vehicle. Factor in the disposition fee into that equation too.

It’s less likely with BMWs but always worth checking.

For the Chicago market, BMW dealers don’t like to take back cars that they didn’t originally sell UNLESS you are buying a new BMW from them. There was one dealer who was paying customers to bring lease returns to other dealers for cars they didn’t want.

Also if you have any damage, sometimes the dealer will waive that damage if you are buying a new BMW from them. Obviously if you just turn it in, don’t expect any special treatment.

As for finding a car/deal, buy a car when it is best for you. If you find a 2020 with the equipment you want, I would jump on it. The lease programs are pretty strong right now and I don’t see 2021s having the same programs for a while.