What is IDL Cash and how does it work?

So I saw someone else post there is almost 10K bonus in IDL cash on a Dodge. I prefer not a Dodge but if the deal is really good. Using the LH calculator using Dodge’s MF and RV, the monthly is under $200 but I am sure there is a catch in there somewhere.

IDL cash is unsubvened lease cash.

This means that it may be used with any bank other than the vehicle manufacturer’s bank.

For example, on dodge, IDL cash cannot be used with chrysler capital, but can be used with banks such as CAL and credit unions.

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So third party banks have much higher rebates than Chrysler capital, but the rates and residuals are much weaker.

So basically I can get MSRP, dealer discounts, rebates and IDL? Wouldn’t this make it a no brainer deal?

Not if the rate and residual to get those rebates sucked.

Residual is 2% higher than Dodge and they have extra $7,000 off

If the numbers end up making sense, you answered your own question

I just want to know if I can get dealer discount plus the IDL… I don’t know if anyone has even tried this? I know how these dealers work as they might say we cannot give both, only one or the other

I tried to do a lease on a chrysler 300 with idl and rebates of about 12000 almost. No dealer wanted to give any discount or would give a small discount due to rebates. Gave up and got a jeep gc limited for better price. Yes, you can get it all but to make it an awesome lease you would need a good dealer discount.

Ahhh okay. I just got this offer from dealer but using Chrysler bank. I don’t get why I’m getting charged destination, aquacition fee, and processing fee… damn crooks

Processing fee is bs. Destination should be part of msrp, not sure why they charge it separately. Acqusition is bank fee.

Made another thread with actual write up

Where are you located?

NC but willing to drive for it

I checked into the IDL incentive for the Charger SRT ($10,250 in Mi), and the dealer said I had to agree to purchase at end of lease to get this incentive. That that was weird, but maybe its true, I don’t know

hmmmm. I plan on getting cheapest rate and maybe lease swap it

It’'s not really a lease then, more like a payment saver loan.