What is a good offer price for Infiniti QX60 Sensory 2023?

I would like to buy the 2023 QX60 **Infiniti sensory AWD ** . Edmunds website is suggesting an MSRP of 59,795 but the dealership MSRP is 63,043.

What are some areas of opportunities to get a discount off the MSRP. How much should I be paying for this car ?

Can a dealer offer the numbers on 60 months finance for this car along with a fair MSRP price and best offers ?

Thank you


Probably comes with a small boat as an add-on that would explain MSRP delta.


Uhh… a 2023 Sensory AWD starts at 61,795 including destination. Edmunds is wrong, plus that car on the site might have more equipment pushing the MSRP up.


Edmunds is correct…for a non-AWD version.

Well that explains everything. Besides vision package alone on a sensory awd pushes it above the Msrp listed on the site.

These are depreciation heroes with decent lease programs.

Lease, don’t buy.


send us a pm w your preference, we have ample discounted inventory in stock and offer home delivery

What’s your MF and residual on a 2023 Audi q7 premium plus ? If you can send me some numbers . Thanks may consider a deal

Hi I would like your some suggestions on this deal below. Kindly let me know if it’s a worthy deal to sign ?
Rebate included $2000

12k miles per year
0 cap reduction
36 months lease

MSRP: $63,300
Adjusted Cap Cost : $59,668

Post the calculator

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2.6% discount and an unknown money factor…

On its face, I’d pass.

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@Clutch has been 8-10% off on these plus buy rate and low doc fee. Unless you’re in Texas you’d save a lot by paying the broker fee.

we have these far cheaper than anyone else and there’s no need to ship.

What exactly are these deals I can look at ?

Where are your cars coming from a dealership or directly from the manufacturer and what coverage do I get from this ? Is there an inventory of the actual cars ? I was trying to Get deals on the infiniti QX60

Are you saying it’s cheaper to buy these through a broker than directly from a dealer ? What are the benefits

What do you mean by “coverage?”

@aronchi’s spreadsheet clearly lists some QX60s…

Benefits are that you may get it cheaper than at the dealership as these are pre negotiated deals and you won’t lose time learning the ins and out about leasing which sounds you may need judging by the question.

It’s like having a deal on a side ca those who walk into the dealerships. Saving time and money

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If you can get a good deal by yourself then by all means do it. If you can’t get a good deal, then use the marketplace on the forum to look for a broker in your area. It will save you tons of time and headaches for a fee.