What do you think about this short-term (6/12months) car subscription company (FINN)?

Hi hackers, I happened to come up with this car subscription company – FINN. They offer 6 or 12 months car rental with different milleage options. Right now, they seem pretty new so don’t have much choice, but it looks like their deal is pretty solid on some cars. Note that their price includes everything such as tax, reg fee and even comprehensive insurance.

For example, like this Cadi XT6 (Cadillac XT6 Premium Luxury AWD in Rosewood Metallic from $949 with a car susbcription | FINN), MSRP 68K+, $949/m for 12 months. So the total cost is 11K+ per year. This seems like a very good deal considering right now a normal 3-year lease is probably at least $700 w/o tax and other fees.

From TrustPilot, the reviews are good, a few complains about wear & tear charges when returning the car but nothing crazy. Just wanna know how you guys think about this. Worth a try? Any pitfall you can think of?


The thing is, we’ve had companies like GoCar subscriptions here before, and I’ve gotten some of their pitches in my real line of work.

If you want a worst-case scenario, look at the Fair.com thread.


But why, when there is Sixt?

Limited markets (atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, nashville) but if you don’t drive much I used Flexcar when I was between leases. $70 week and up and 30-40 cents a mile. They use zip cars so standard rentals. Q8J6BW at checkout gets you 100 free miles.


It’s a 35% premium. Is that premium worth having to commit to only 1 year vs 3 years? I dunno, maybe. For me it isn’t. And I assume there are some fees/taxes on top of that $949 as well. You can’t say the word car without someone somewhere adding 12% in fees/taxes minimum. :slight_smile:

FINN’s headquarters actually reached out to us for partnership. We have done some digging and reached out to our German contacts to ensure the legitimacy and quality of their service. We are working to negotiate some exclusive offers for Leasehackr readers at the moment. What questions do you have? We can see if we can get answers from their corporate office.


How does insurance work as far as liability coverage? Are there options for

Do they plan any ultracheap local (aka low mileage) plans? Something like a cheap Bolt or Leaf for someone like my wife (that has a 5 minute commute) would be attractive.

Lastly…any plans to serve Florida?

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This is awesome. I personally don’t have particular questions but just love to see more selections in the future.

Decent option if somebody is looking for a short-term lease

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What happened to that similar company who always used to post here? Out of business?

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Overpromised & underdelivered

I wanted to bump this thread. Has anyone used Finn yet?