What do you guys think of iPhone Upgrade Program?

I usually get the newest iPhone each year and sell it back for the same price 11 months after on ebay
but is it worth it to get into the program is anyone in the upgrade program?

Me trying to sell my iPhone every year to get the new one

Msrp 799 on a 14
Swappa is 463 on a 14 for T-Mobile
Not sure who is buying these for near sticker after 11 months LOL

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If you just pay the $40 a month X 12 = 480
Do you not pay the tax with Apple? If you don’t take the Apple upgrade

Not worth getting shot over an iPhone sale


Same silly twits who were paying sticker or better on used rides between 1 and 2 years ago.


I consider myself a seasoned seller and no way I’m selling it near its msrp
Usually take a 30-40% loss


Wow i knew iphones have the lowest depreciation of any smartphone but 11 months after you are able to get back all of what you invested including tax after marketplace fees props to you. Usually its a trade in and switcheroo that gets the most.

In your situation why bother, you are your own upgrade program.


This is the first year of it the last 4 that I haven’t found a trade in deal with no contract. Year before last was best buy, Costco the two years prior. Trade in was basically $800, new phone was $1100-$1200 after tax. Felt like I was always into the new phone for about $300, and would have that much depreciation on trade in, if I kept for 2 years. This only really worked for T Mobile.

Now that T Mobile is the biggest seems like they don’t have to offer these loophole deals but we’ll see this year. For a $200/yr difference and not having to search for the non contract loop hole somewhere, doesn’t seem like much.

2 questions, the biggest improvement every year seems to be the camera, do you still need to upgrade every year? Is the $45-$50 a month a big deal to you?

Just make sure you start it when the new phone comes out…not now, otherwise you’ll be upgrading at the end of the cycle instead of beginning.

This year is suppose to be epic in terms of upgrades…Apple will finally join the rest of the damn electronics market and adopt USB-C on all their iPhones. The Pros AOD feature, again that almost everyone else has adopted will come to the non-pros.

I expect carriers to lowball everyones trade in, in order to make bank on everyone’s rush to dump their models regardless of any actual benefit.

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Verizon basically will give you a new iPhone every two years for $30 a month with zero interest on most plans with a trade in at the end.

I used to do the new phone every year bit as well, but the upgrades have been weak so two years works.

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Well I usually get the entry level iPhone each year for $800 around $884 with tax but I try to sell it at $850 with my $70 Otterbox case and screen protector and the battery health is usually 97% but this year is my first with the pro model I don’t see a difference so most likely I’ll just go back to the entry level. I usually try and sell it off if FB marketplace or eBay but I make sure it’s not a scam and make sure there full name match the address and phone number just in case if they want to play games.

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I typically keep my iPhones for 3 years and just plan on doing whatever trade-in offer AT&T has. I’m fine with being “locked in” for three years because I see no value in switching. The family plan I’m on is $38ish a month with taxes included. Figure in a new Pro Max every three years for a couple bucks a month and I see it as a stellar deal.

I will say I am VERY curious to see what the AT&T kiosks that just opened at Costco will do in terms of deals. Hopefully something decent


I got T-mobile Essential 5 lines for around $130 a month we never pay monthly for a phone since we usually just sell them a month or two before the new release and get the new one.

I’ve been trading every year except now. I have the 13 Pro/Pro max with high memory. Switched from a verizon bus plan to a AT&T plan. $127/mo including 5 new phones (at the time) with all promos. Had to trade in some old iPhone 11’s to get the deal. Did it during a sale, used trade-in promo, AARP to waive acq fee and have their internet.

If you are looking for AppleCare+ coverage across multiple phones, I had success ~2 years ago joining BestBuy’s TotalTech program ($200/yr), then ordering 5 iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Maxes through them. As long as you keep the TotalTech membership current, the AppleCare+ coverage continues for 2 years. I received the same deal going through BestBuy that Verizon was offering through its stores ($800 trade in credit over 2 years for an any condition iPhone XR). So yes, I was stuck with VZW for 24 months to receive the credits - but I had ~$3K in VZW gift cards from a moving to VZW promo a few months earlier and with 5 lines, the monthly cost is reasonable. Having AppleCare+ was more convenient/cheaper than having to submit a claim via credit card (especially since VZW doesn’t give the $10 per line autopay discounts for credit card payments).

Not sure what I will do this year as the iPhones are in good condition, so no massive rush to upgrade. Also, VZW credits are spread over 36 months now - which is too long. Might see if Spectrum has some good trade in offers this fall (as they have had some really good ones for S23 and a decent one for Z Fold 5 now).

You are not doing it right if you are paying full price for your iPhone. Usually I aim for $3-400 off but deals seem to be far less these days, I’d wait for the Walmart Black Friday deal for att Verizon, T-Mobile I heard might be doable in store, GC last year was like $300 for latest model and $4-500 on prior year model.

New Iphones don’t go on sale during Black Friday I never saw a new iPhone release in September go on sale 2 month after release?

I have been using Spectrum Mobile unlimited data 1 line for $29/mo and buy the unlocked iPhone Pro Max 128GB and pay the 2TB Data plan from Apple. Used to upgrade every year, but lately I have been holding off for 2 years since improvements on iPhone are not that great on every new release. My last trade in I traded in my 12 Pro Max 256GB for the 13 Pro Max 128 GB costs me $18.70/mo and 0% interest on the apple monthly credit card plus $9.99 for 2TB data, I traded in in April, so value was less for my 12 Pro Max…
The reason I don’t buy the larger GB iPhones anymore is that they don’t pay you when you sell it or trade it in for the extra storage and the 2TB plan works great as my Mac Book also backs up to the iCloud, so figured the 2 years pays for the extra $200 more GB’s tradeoff and I get a lot more storage.

Sometimes COSTCO (usually a ONE DAY sale on Major holidays) has the iPhone sale including Apple Care for $200 off and it pans out to about $270 discount vs if you would’ve bought it from Apple


You can return the apple care and get a better tco :joy:

Yep-I’ve never bought Apple Care haha these were Costco deals I’ve seen
I always bought the phone directly from Apple with the 0% apple card

Depends on the tco. Some folks get free phones, but end up paying $90 a month on plan service.

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I’m still on the bulletproof iPhone 7, so wrong guy to ask. :smile:

I like my :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: nowadays much more than I need/want a new phone.