What do you guys think about this ram 1500 Laramie lease quote?



I got a quote yesterday on a ram 1500 Laramie 55k MSRP, 45k sale price. 36months 10k miles
585 after taxes in LA which are 9.45%

What do you guys think, they haven’t shown me the lease sheet yet, i feel like i could get it under 500


How much of that sale price is discount, and how much of it is incentive? Try to aim for 10% discount before incentive. If I recall correctly, 1500s have about 10k in lease cash so you are essentially not getting a discount if that is the case. You need MF and RV to get a good picture of if it’s a good deal or not. Take a look at the Edmunds forums for that.


The current rebates / incentives have dropped in December compared to November.
Your deal seems to have about a $6,000 dealer discount and the rest is rebates.
The Laramie trim does not get that much in rebates compared to the lower BigHorn trim that gets about $10K in rebates.

I got a similar deal offered and still kicking it around:
Ram Rebel -
$57K - $47K selling - 36/12 w/ 0.00109 MF thru Chrysler Cap for $550/month including 9.5% tax.

So yes, you should be able to get it under $500 incl tax.
Push for more discount and ask them to kick in some dealer coupons.


Well i found a Laramie black edition package with level 2 equipment and advanced safety package, 12 inch screen for 57k and they are asking 46700 online. Damn fine looking so i think I’m going to try and see if there is anymore room on that. My family knows the owner since we are also dealers, hopefully I can get a good deal.


That 12 inch screen looks nice on that Ram.


Went to a dealership where we are friends with the owner. Looked at a Laramie around 57k and got about 10k off total.

They gave me a 0down 10kmiles/yr 36month lease at 535 a month.


Dealer gave me a quote of 499 a month for zero down 10k miles 36 months on a bighorn that msrp’s at 47070. I told him that’s ridiculous since the bighorn has better incentives then the Laramie and I got a quote from a nearby dealer of 535 a month on a 57k vehicle.

Salesperson came back and said he can do 455 a month. I still feel like that’s high and I should be able to get a 47k longhorn in the 300’s for monthly payment.


Here is a quote I got from a dealer tonight on a Ram 1500 4x4 Big Horn with the black package. 3 yr, 15k miles per year.

Checked with Edmunds and residual should be 54%, MF .00011, and $2250 in rebates. The residual matches the paperwork at $27,680.40, but I don’t see MF listed (should it be?), but I calculate the dealer using .00053 so they bumped it up on me.

MSRP was $51,260 and if I’m reading this right, they discounted $5576 to $45,684. They’re showing $2250 in rebates which it looks like they’re using for first month’s payment, doc fees, registration, etc AND having me using part of the rebate as a cap cost reduction (what do you think of that?). I read this as $0 out the door.

What are your thoughts and where can I push for a discount (besides telling them to adjust the MF). I have an additional $500 realtor rebate I was going to push for at the very end of negotiations.

Thank you!


The BH lease quote is high and yes the MF is bumped up.

Very typical CJDR dealer to bump up MF in order to make up for the lost profits…

What you can offer is to have them drop the MF to base and use an affiliate coupon or dealer coupon or PIN code to get more on the incentive side.

That’s what my So Cal dealer did in order to get me a smokin deal!


2 weeks ago I closed a deal on a 58k msrp Laramie for 550/ mo with 1st month DAS.


Yeah im pretty sure the guys at the dealership we know were giving me a no money deal with the Laramie at 535 when it cost 57k. I’m going to see what they say about a 47k bighorn today since it was another dealer that quoted me at 500 then 455


The BigHorn trim is the best to deal with - tons of incentives and lots of $ for the dealers to move them.

The Laramie trim is a bit harder and the Rebel, Limited, Longhorn are the worst.


You miss out on so much on a big horn in my situation I would not want it .


Which features do you see missing out on a Bighorn vs a Laramie?


Leather , Oem power running boards , 12 inch nav , 22’ wheels , advanced safety group . Probably more that I missed . You can option a big horn to mid 50s and still not be able to have certain things the Laramie does .


The only reason I gave up on the BigHorn is that you can not have both LED lighting package AND Advanced Safety group.

Laramie and up trims you can have both.

But then I don’t like the leather.

I prefer cloth seats.


Thx for the advice. Besides asking for the correct MF reduction, how much lower should I push for reduction of sales price. Also any thoughts on using the rebate for cap reduction or is that a non issue?



I just leased a Laramie trim a week and a half ago. I was able to get 14.5% off msrp as a dealer discount plus incentives/rebates. Ended up with a payment of $505 plus tax on a 63+k msrp truck for 12k miles/36 months.


Did you have a private cash offer? I can’t get near that monthly payment with only 14.5% off MSRP. My incentives are only $1,500. Maybe because I’m looking at 15k miles/yr.


Have you tried Glen E Thomas Dodge in Signal Hill ?

They are a Car Pros certified dealer.