What do you guys think about this ram 1500 Laramie lease quote?



I’ve noticed the Ram Dealer in my city (Lansing, MI) has added more Laramies with the 12" screen. Most with an MSRP of 55k-low 60s. Anyone able to score one of these in the high 400s without employee pricing?


I have never leased before however I am thinking of leasing a Big Horn with an Msrp of 55k. I have a trade worth approx 5k or more. Anyone out there can share there monthly payment or breakdown on this type of lease. I would expect 15 percent off Msrp and a monthly payment of less than $390 per month and thats for 12/36. Anyone putting about 5k down with a payment less than 400 for an Msrp of 55k ?


I’ve got a broker looking for a similar deal for me now. I will let you know how it goes.


With the big horn incentives you should be around $400 without the $5k down. Sell the car outside of the trade in and save yourself the hassle. Have them cut you a check for it instead.


That sounds even better !!



Please do let me know how well you do, yea I could sell my Truck outright (2007 Ridgeline RTX with 131k miles. Clean and in Good/Very Good condition) or trade for a much lower lease payment.
Here are the build details online I did on the Ram Truck site:
—2019 Ram 1500 Big Horn Crew Cab 4x4 Offroad Package
—Tow Package (I need bc I tow a 5k plus boat/Trailer)
—Some other options that bring the MSRP to $55,000
10 percent ($5500) down and I am sure other fees… Maybe $1K in fees ?
—Did not mention any deep discounts but I would hope for atleast 15 percent off Msrp
***With the 10 percent down and some other fees the lease payment was $468 per month and I do believe tax included.
—If I put my 5k trade in I would like to be between 330–370, for 12/36, am I dreaming ?


Was that $550 a month tax included ? What was the residual and selling price ?

I am trying to nail down a reasonable price quote online here before I go and deal with the salesman/dealer. The Ram (Big Horn) I am looking to purchase with options has a Msrp of 55k.
I have a trade as I said previously worth about 5k. Now after reading a post maybe i should ask for a check of 2500 and use the other 2500 equity for down payment and fees, etc,

Curious of monthly payment in this senario ? 36/12 $350 per month ?


The Bighorn is not worthy of a $400 payment under any circumstances. With 5k down lol. $325-$350 Max with standard terms and first month DAS. Otherwise, you walk away!


Had a ram dealer tell me this. Any insight to exactly what he’s saying? I initially told him I’d pay taxes, fees, first month up front. Maybe he forgot I said that and mistook my “no down payment” as zero drive off. After this, he told me if I covered the fee, he could discount the truck upwards of $4,000.

“All leases have start up fees and money due at signing. The leasing company Chrysler gets paid those fees whether the customer pays them or not. if you do not, then the dealership pays them. So with the way I quoted this lease to you - I was covering the fees due at signing.
If your plan was to put those start up fees down, I would be able to discount the vehicle further because I would not be covering them.”


So far no luck. I’m not looking for much, but they seem to load up all the options if you only want a few of them. The options I want put the truck around 48k MSRP. All the ones in my area are 51-52k.


What would you all shoot for on a 2019 Ram Bighorn/Lonestar 4x4 with a Hemi…$49k MSRP, minimal out the door, say 36/12? Is mid $300’s crazy?


If you find one for mid $300 in Midwest, let me know, lol… I’ve done some tire kicking for a Big Horn like you mentioned, and I’ve only seen mid $400s…