What do you drink and smoke (cigars)

What is the 3 year RV on these?

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What’s your mileage?

Trying my best to get to a unicorn’s length.

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You seem oddly familiar with those Bear. What’s your Amazon prime history like


About this long?

I’m familiar with movies, that’s true.

A 19 year old Ev hacking Taiwanese hipster from Amish country PA living his best life in Abu Dhabi.



Told you we have slipped through a wormhole. Nothing makes sense anymore.



Snapped this more than a week ago and meant to send it. Stonewall mixers are pretty good in a pinch.

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Was at a place last night with a special Hendricks, kind of loud to discern but I think it was Midsummer Solstice - a G&T with that was incredible - will be buying a bottle when I get home.

Just tried both of these

Floral Adora tastes like the nether regions of a pollinator - definitely don’t recommend mixing it, and not a fan. Drinking one with Orbium, but prefer the OG.

Also tried some of the Caduceus wines today, ordered a few and shipped them since I didn’t pack my wine suitcase.

This was like 4 years ago issue. Good luck finding one.

We also invented ikea ,Volvo, Saab,Scania

The best afordable furniture and the Best cars

Lol :laughing:


Gettin a little older now and would love to find a nice drink to lightly poor neat after work or a long day…any suggestions? I like everything, but would prefer something that goes down smooth😂

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Plenty of reasons to be chugging Hendrick’s this weekend :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Tonight is Roku night :point_up:

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