What do you do?

I thought it would be interesting to find out what our forum members do for a living.

I’m a Civil Engineer by day, Proffesional LeaseHackr by night.

I am a priest by day and used car salesman by night


I knew it ! Hahahaha jk

Software engineer really :slight_smile:


Engineer power mane :raised_hands:

Maybe also put up a poll about age ranges for the user end group.

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Telecom sales. In Michigan.

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Garage designer and consultant and European tool import & distribution… see http://www.ultimategarage.com/ .

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Wildlife biologist, rattlesnakes and bears atm


Sickkkk very cool (20 char)

Executive of a Real Estate Development and Brokerage company and also an Executive for an international diamond trading company.


software related work, more on the sales/professional services side now, but spent some years coding

I would like to one day sell cars. I think I could make a killing, ripping people off…err I mean providing a wonderful service to get people in the right car for their families, and stuff.


home care business owner and genesis fanboy:joy:

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Our deals are built on the backs of people who don’t know or are too lazy to get good deals @Boomba


Yep. The foolish/lazy subsidize us. And that’s fine by me.

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Sameeeeeeeeeeeeee Hehe

What is an genesis ?

before @vhooloo comes and makes fun of genesis ill tell you its a sub brand of hyundai, its thier luxary division and I love there cars especially the g80 sport which I have which would be comparable to a e class, which I think is going in the wrong direction with the new model… plus I have a twin turbo v6 and weigh as much as a audi q7 lol

I know what genesis… sarcasm XD anything to add @vhooloo

I graduated GIA 2010 and have Graduate Gemologist diploma.

Now I’m a bench jeweler working at highend retail store.

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