What do you do when you are 175k miles over the lease limit

Thoughts anyone?

The @joeblogs special. Snowy offramp.


I get the feeling this guy might not understand how leases work.

Ha, :fire: or crash into a concrete wall works too!

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That far over, just toss a lit match in it and walk away.

He should quit life.

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How would the insurance work though? A snowy off-ramp assumes he has gap right?

If there’s no gap, could FCA come after him for the difference? i.e - if insurance says it was worth $4k (if that!) but he’s on the hook for the rest…?

Trade in for Dodge Journey. Then get gap. Then snowy offramp.

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Other than insurance fraud, he could just buy out the car, then I dunno, maybe not lease next time? lol

You lending him the $20K?

No lender will give a loan for $20k on a car worth $4k. Considering he has a loan for the engine replacement, he doesn’t have the money to purchase it outright

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But the diminished value is largely due to the extreme number of miles, not the year. Some lenders out there (Credit Unions, possibly) will base a loan on the year, make, model and not the miles, especially if you’re buying it out at the end of a lease. If he finds one of those he could potentially get a loan that could cover most or all of the purchase price.

He got a loan to get the engine fixed…I doubt he has 20k lying around…

“Last Time Buyers Program” was legit funny.

98% of the advice on there is ridiculous.

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