What can I expect at lease end?


Currently I have a 2021 Toyota Tacoma Sport. My lease is up in May 2022. I have 15k per year. Does it make sense to try and sell it at the end? Or do I keep it for myself? I know I have time but how long could there be a new car shortage

Please read through the dozens of threads already made asking this unanswerable question.

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Nobody can tell you what the market will be in 11 months, no.

Internet strangers aren’t living your life to know if this is your only vehicle, if you found a replacement already (undoubtedly more expensive), or any of the math for your particular situation.

We used to get a version of this about every 6 weeks, now we get several a day. As Matt suggested, read through those and if you have a specific question someone might possibly be able to answer, ask away.

Another thread said that Toyota / Lexus direct selling to a 3rd party Dealer is off the table now.

Thanks for the reply. Maybe then I can give a more direct question. I’ve never bought out a lease only to sell the car because it had equity. What’s the easiest way to do that? Can I have someone buy it out from me? Or do I have to take out the loan and everything? Wasn’t sure how easy of a process it is

If your bank won’t do a 3rd party buy out, you will need to purchase it yourself (by either financing it or paying cash) first. That includes paying sales tax on the buy out price in most states.

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You said you are leasing a Toyota, you didn’t say which bank the lease is with, which matters.

There are dozens and dozens of threads filled with first-hand accounts, but it depends who has your lease and who you sell to.

And many, many more…

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