What are the current HIGHEST residuals right now? (Looking for 70% and up)

A few months back I saw a 79% residual (24mo) for wrangler unlimiteds (crystler financial) and was amazed. Is there anything that gets even close to that??? PS I sell cars at Toyota (past chevy) so I am familiar with those brands’ residual percents, but with a 79%, if you get any type of cap cost discount, ur pretty much securing a $300 payment or less. (With a $50k or less MSRP).

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The Jaguar F Type coupe I’m looking at (base) is 70% for 36/10k and I believe 72 or 73 for 24/12. Not bad at all in my opinion.

Colorado and Canyon trucks, Sierra Denali, Acadia on the GM front

Chevy Colorado 4WD 12*43 EXT CAB WORK TRUCK - 81% 24mo, 79% 27mo, 70% 36mo

These are all for 12k/yr. 10k: 83%, 81% and 73%.

If a car has high residual though wouldnt that be highly desirablencar and as such no good discount is expected? Case in point the wrangler.

Colorado and Canyon trucks, Sierra Denali, Acadia on the GM front

I just spent the afternoon at a GMC dealership working some numbers on a 2017 GMC SLT-1 and a Denali. The Denali through GM Financial was quoted to me as 65% for 12k, and 63% for 15k.

The SLT-1 was a bit lower at 63% for 12k, and 61% for 15k.

The Denali is almost 70. The slt is lower tho

36 months or 24? 24 was 71 and 72 for January for Sierra Denali.

But you’re not gonna be able to pull off 300 payments with no money down or are you??

Not always, sometimes manufactures artificially inflate the residual to move vehicles off the lot.

Sorry, I missed the part where you were asking about a 24 month lease. The Acadia examples I quoted were for a 36/12k. The Denali was a FWD, the SLT-1 was an AWD I believe. These are February numbers.