Chevrolet Bonus Tag Leases

Do you know how long it takes to type up a complete list for every vehicle we offer with all the rates and residual and everything whilst trying to sell cars from people already in front of you. Maybe some of these deals can be beat, but it’s how we bottom our prices here which we look at all dealers ad’s in LA and OC and try to beat them. If someone wants to work with me to buy a car, they get full transparency.

I wasn’t #1 in internet sales last month because I hide prices and screw people.



Looking for a new Volt PREM (36/15) with 2K drive off.

MSRP = $37940 (w/driver confidence) after $1000 discount listed on chevy website


Can you give me your best lease quote?

  • Tier one credit
  • current Volt lease expires in July
  • any pull ahead programs?
  • 7% tax rate


You did well. You don’t set residuals , etc… thank you for posting these. Many people will benefit, the ones that don’t like them just don’t need to get them; complaining won’t get them anywhere but upset.


Thanks for posting – providers of information should always be welcome.

Can someone with the knowledge/info post more details on the Colorado work truck deal (around $100 per month???)? I’m intrigued.

If I was interested in the 2017 Cruze LT, what would the one pay amount be?

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It is an unconfirmed deal but it seems possible

24/10k 83% RV
If you can get a 10% discount (from discount + Bonus Tags + Conquest Cash + rebates for $3,500 total) for a $35k MSRP truck, you basically have $35,000 * 7% = $2,450 depreciation cost / 24 = $102/mo + interest + tax.

Very interesting. A local dealer shows a work truck (WT) with bonus tag. I’m emailing them and will see if I can organize a deal.

My cruze lease is up in November. Was wondering if there’s a way to do a trade in for a new Chevy cruze without having to pay any additional payments in my current lease. Thanks!

Each lease is different so if that is your goal, the dealer can make up numbers to make it match perfectly to your current payment. That is also NOT a good way to negotiate. There are drive-off fees, etc. and loyalty rebates (which you may not have been eligible for when you got your first Chevy) so you really want to LOWER your monthly payment if anything. When you leased your old Cruze, you probably didn’t see this forum so you should get a much bette deal this time around. What is your payment now?

Paying $119 after taxes for 2 year/24k miles. That’s with $700 down and $700 back with the Costco deal

2017 Camaro LT
MSRP $29,090
$0 out of pocket
$478 per month including tax
24 months / 10,000 miles per year
(includes $2,000 rebate for current Ford Mustang Owners/lease & bonus tag)

this one is bananas im afraid to see the ss lease

If memory serves me correctly, the Camaro had the same residual for 36 months as 24 on some trim levels. May want to price that term.

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I looked at these a while back and it wasn’t this bad … it was around $385/mo for a $30k car but $478/mo is another level completely :frowning:

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The Chevy website has this Camaro offer:
Chevrolet National Lease Offers

Ultra Low-Mileage Lease for Qualified Lessees
$279/month for 39 months. $3,079 due at signing (after all offers).

$2,579 due at signing for Current Lessees of GM vehicles (after all offers)*.

Yeah Camaro’s lease better at 36 months. $0 down, $343 per month for 10k with current chevrolet lease or ownership. Total rebate $2000


Can someone please help me ? :confused
I’m trying really hard to get a Chevy trax at a good deal, I know the $3000 rebate is over but they replaced it with a $1500 which is still good. I don’t understand how people are getting those cars for $60 $70 and even $55 a month with 0 down?!! I’ve tried negotiating all of this with three dealers now and the lowest I’ve got is $213/month. I will attach a photo. Any help would be awesome I’m extremely new to this and I just need a car with a cheap lease.

Do you have a current lease? The rebate is wrong for one…

I have a current lease of a Toyota Camry! I live in New York by the way thanks so much for your help means the world to me

Ok rebates:

$1,500 CCR incremtal CCR
$900 CCR
$1,500 Comp Lease

$3,900 calculates

If you were to get another $2,000 discount, that would lower your 24 month payment by about $90 so you’d be at $160.
You need closer to a 10% discount from MSRP.

Also sales tax is adding about $42 per month to the 24 month lease, so that is also a factor. What state are you in and verify they tax the sale price and not the final payment.

whats your zip code in NY