What are the best BMW Incentives for stacking?


I need to replace my partner’s Audi Q3 lease by this September, and I’m looking at the 330e. I’m also open to a 330e loaner if such an item exists.

When it comes to BMW incentives, I know I qualify for Loyalty (currently have a ‘17 X5) and Corporate through my employer. Also, my partner graduates from his Masters program in July & should be able to get us the College Grad discount.

Given that I have several months to get a vehicle, does it make sense to sign up for Penfed and/or BCCA to qualify for their incentives? Also, are there other discounts you would recommend? I’m keeping an eye out for OL opportunities in the Atlanta area.

Or am I pretty well positioned with what I already have?

Looking at the Wiki, it seems Corporate can’t be combined with Loyalty or CCA:

Seems like Loyalty + College Grad + CCA + OL Code is your best bet, if you qualify for them all.

Congrats! Heads up there is a DTI requirement. I’ll need to check my programs, but off top of my head, sometimes they ask for transcript, job letters confirming income, etc.

Thanks, guys. I appreciate the insights. I’ll definitely look into the Grad discount terms. In the meantime, I signed up for BCCA membership to cover my bases.

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PenFed has a 2 month waiting period while BMWCCA has a 6+ mth waiting period (depending on the membership purchased). Just things to take into account. GLWT

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