Westchester, Fairfield, Rockland, etc. meet-up?

There’s a New Jersey meet-up happening this weekend, but it’s too far for some of us (and too hot!).

Who’s in for a Westchester/Fairfield/Rockland (and Long Island if you want) version?

This is the thread from the other one to give you an idea:

Let’s figure out where people live and go from there.

  • Lower Westchester
  • Central Westchester
  • Northern Westchester
  • Western Fairfield
  • Eastern Fairfield
  • Rockland
  • Other

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Well, I guess no one is interested if there aren’t any responses nearly a day later. I tried.

Don’t give up on it yet. Ask @Orangeman96 how he kept the ball rolling.

Several of today’s attendees are in north NJ. West Bank of the Tappanzee would be in the center for those folks and people coming from Westchester, Fairfield etc counties

Sorry LI folks but it’s a Venn diagram that doesn’t overlap

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Offer incentives :grin:


I went to that meet up from lower Fairfield county:) just an hour drive:)
Always up to meet up with a good company.

@AP919 bribed them with drinks, worked well :slight_smile:
The ball will get moving, give it a few days.
Post an update to the poll middle of the week.

Yeah, I mean people from LI are more than welcome to attend, but it’s a hard thing to manage with tolls, traffic, etc. I don’t mind crossing the Tapp because it’s not far, and I may for it anyway - pay for 20 trips per month on the commuter plan, and I don’t go into the office that many times a month.

That’s if you’re lucky with traffic. I drive to Hoboken 3x a week, so I’m very familiar with how long it takes! It’s also that I’m over my mileage already because I drove over 600 miles the week my mom was here, so I’m trying to limit the miles I’m piling on right now. I’m used to not caring because I was so under on my 15k lease, but I cut back to 12k since I don’t go into the office as often as I used to go. One less day is nearly 3,000 less miles a year!

Like strippers, because I’ll probably be the only female? Hahaha. There’s a club called Lace on 303 in Rockland that I drive by when I have to take that way home…

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Like in the Marketplace’s “lease transfers”. Do you really think of me that way? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
More like free drinks, like Orangeman.

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Hahah, of course I don’t! It’s too far for you to come anyway, unless you need a getaway, like to the mountains here.

Good thing this isn’t Massachusetts. Free and reduced prices for drinks are illegal. That’s why there are no happy hour deals for alcohol. I wonder if @Bostoncarconcierge knew that? :stuck_out_tongue:

We absolutely think of you that way :laughing:

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I got the first round, but I dont have enough singles in my pocket to last at Lace.

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@AP919 how far are you from nanuet, NY?

Pretty close. It just depends on what part, but about 10 miles straight across 287/87.

Cool was just at pallisades mall and then went to my favorite place, growler and gil, could be good for a meetup and have some vegetarian options…


So this is me bringing this up again. Bueller? Bueller?

The location can be anywhere between Greenwich and Nanuet, depending on where interested people live.

I vote Nanuet :slight_smile:

Yes, yes I sure did.

Born and raised in good ol Sharon MA.

Short stint in the “electric city” of Schenectady NY for college. Outside of that, always lived in MA.


Yeah Nyack/Nanuet/Palisades center are all fine by me