Well, that was fast!

2022 is in full swing! If you were on my list last year, you’ve since been removed and will have to sign up again at this link. Still only able to sell to CA residents but I think the emails will have something for everyone if you’re open to learning something.

Since I’m not technically a client advisor, all I’ll be doing here is sending out an email to subscribers with all our offers. If you like the offer, email me back, I’ll confirm all the details with you, and then we schedule delivery. Everyone that’s done this with me loves it. You can check out any current and upcoming inventory at BMW of Escondido and MINI of Escondido.

  • Service Loaners when they become available.
  • Several BMW Individual vehicles coming (M3, M4, M5, M8, X5M, X6M)
  • Awesome allocation if you’d like to order something.
  • Occassional offers on one-off moments (upcoming i4 / iX, MINI SE)

My real goal would be to make this an offer-heavy BMW and MINI newsletter of sorts, but I kid myself in thinking that I’m that good of a writer.

Thanks guys!
Alexa Xi


Thanks for this, I am in the market for a Mini for the wife but in Arizona. I have not seen a lot of options for Mini leases, so this knowledge will be very helpful.

We are completely sold out of new MINI for the time being, it’s very hard to get a deal on those. From shopping around myself to see what the market is like, dealers are asking an added markup on their loaners even.

More production scheduled to start in March but still about the same nubmer of vehicles as last year, though (thankfully?) spread out across less dealers since a few more closed in Q4 of 2021. Hopefully that means your AZ dealers will have a few more to move out :slight_smile:

Do you have any lease offers for BMW X5 xDrive45e in SoCal?

That is good news, thanks for the update. My buying horizon is Q3 this year so fits we well.

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If only we had some to sell! As soon as we get order spots, they get filled… I think it’s the hardest car to get right now, hands down.

Lunar New Year event email going out at 12PM PST today. If you’re in California and shopping for a BMW or MINI, get on the list before that time. See OP.

Every new in-stock vehicle will have discount. No markup. No dealer accesories. Take advantage of the BMW OL Code for this event too.

Will you have a discount on the X5 45e?

Not a car we have in stock, or have had for a few months. Pre-selling them at MSRP. If we had one in stock, there would be something to give this weekend though.

I just saw the email. Lots of interesting stuff. If the X5 m50 was lower MSRP i would have probably come to the table.

I feel like that discount makes up for the MSRP! Buy rate too on top of that?

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It’s a great discount for the current market, unfortunately it’s about 12K above my limit.

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If you’re getting my emails for the OL Deals good through tomorrow, here’s an update on what’s still available. This is every new or loaner we have in stock. You can still sign up using the link in the OP but I cannot replicate these after tomorrow.

2022 MINI Clubman S Stock#73686 SOLD
22 BMW 330i Stock# 73791 AVAILABLE
2022 BMW 530i Stock#73611 AVAILABLE
2022 BMW 740i Stock# 73616 AVAILABLE
2022 BMW 750xi Stock# 73363 AVAILABLE
2022 BMW M850xi Stock# 73594 AVAILABLE
2022 BMW M8 Comp Stock# 73442 SOLD
2022 X5 M50 Stock# 73729 SOLD
2022 BMW X3 M Stock# 73713 AVAILABLE
2022 BMW X5 sDr40 Stock# 73600 AVAILABLE
2022 BMW X5 sDr40 Stock# 73667 SOLD
2022 BMW X5 sDr40 Stock# 73722 SOLD
2022 BMW X3 sD30 Stock# 73736 SOLD
2022 BMW X4 xDr30 Stock# 73650 AVAILABLE
2022 MINI Cooper S Countryman AWD Stock# 66479 SOLD
2022 BMW X2 sDr28i Stock#66478 SOLD
2021 BMW 530i Stock#66427 AVAILABLE
2021 BMW X3 sDr30i Stock# 66484 SOLD
2021 BMW 330i Stock# 66477 PENDING

In the market for an X5 xdrive with Black exterior. Let me know what you have available now or in the coming weeks and what sort of deal I can get.


Nothing in stock at all right now, down to 6 new BMW in stock and 0 MINI. Can custom order but email for more details, alexa @ brechtgroup .com

This is big news for the MINI folks out there, but Zesty Yellow is available on the 2023 Cooper S Hardtops… Ok, maybe just big news for me? Love this color, really the only pop of color on the current pallette.

Fun fact: Zesty Yellow is the same exact paint color as Sao Paulo Yellow on the M3. And there will be another special edition MINI this year using a special BMW color of sorts.

If you’re a BMW or MINI fan get on my email list for weird tidbits like this + more. Love hearing your stories and getting to re-share those as well :slight_smile:

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what is the mileage on the BMWs’ lease?


If you sign up for the email its 3k / 36 months / 10kmiles

Correct – keeping it simple so you can compare apples to apples. No “plus drive offs,” the only thing that will change it slightly is your registration ZIP for taxes (we’re at 7.75%, some of you guys are pushing 10%+

That Clubman is mine :smile:

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